LONDON, August 3, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Electrical retailer DSG international plc, owner of Currys and PC World, today revealed the ten big technologies for Christmas 2010.

With new hardware due for the gaming market, the end of the megapixel arms race, 3D technology finding its way into new categories and the arrival of the tablet, buyers at the retailer are backing a variety of exciting new products ahead of the festive season.

Tablets take off

According to the retailer the iPad ( , launched through Currys and PC World earlier this year, is expected to be the most popular of the 5,000 plus products on its shelves this Christmas. With other manufacturers due to launch rivals to the iPad later in the year, DSGi expects tablets to be outselling netbooks by two to one by December. iPads start at GBP429.

Jeremy Fennell, DSGi said: There is no doubt that the iPad is going to be the number one Christmas gift this year. It has already proved incredibly popular and with even more accessories launching it's only going to make a must-have technology even more attractive. There will be choice beyond Apple by Christmas but it's hard to see anyone toppling their dominance in the short term.

Gaming steps forward

In gaming, Microsoft's Kinect for XBox 360 is expected to be the biggest seller. Hitting the shelves in November, it takes gaming to the next level. The hands free motion control sensor allows gamers to totally immerse themselves in the experience by making your body the controller with any movement made replicated on screen. It also has face and voice recognition technology which enable, among other things, very advanced social gaming and videoconferencing. The Kinect will retail at GBP129.

Huw Crwys-Williams, category director from DSGi said: This product (the Kinect) is the biggest step forward in gameplay since Wii. This technology takes gaming to a new level and, like the Wii, broadens the appeal of gaming to the whole family. It is backwards compatible and will work on all Microsoft Xboxes and around 15 new titles will be launched that have been designed around Kinect. We are very excited about this product and expect it to be right at the top of the technology wishlist for people this Christmas.

Christmas in 3D

The retailer also believes many of us will be seeing Christmas in 3D this year as the technology works its way across different products. By December, 25 per cent of the TVs at PC World and Currys will be 3D and with Sky planning the launch of its 3D channel along with numerous movie titles due for release in the format, demand is expected to be high. More 3D cameras will also arrive this winter and there will be more titles for the PS3, which already has 3D capability, including the hugely anticipated Gran Turismo 4 which will also be in stores by December.

E-readers go large

E-readers once again will be in demand and DSGi will have more than 20 different models on sale for Christmas, ten times the amount available for Christmas 2009, starting at around GBP79.99.

Digital Cameras zoom in

The digital camera category has also seen significant innovation. With the end of the megapixel race, zoom has become a key feature, particularly for smaller cameras. There are several products now offering greater zoom compared to the standard x3. The Panasonic TZ9 with it's 12x optical zoom is the one to watch.

In addition, manufacturers have developed their own features in a bid to differentiate from the competition. This Christmas, the retailer is anticipating major demand for Casio's Make Up Mode camera, the Z335 (GBP119), which allows the user to improve pictures on camera by removing blemishes or wrinkles. This is up against Sony's Sweep Panoramic feature on the W390 (GBP199) which allows extended landscape pictures to be taken and the dual screen from Samsung which makes it a lot easier to take self portraits using the screen on the front of the camera to set the shot.

MiFi on the move

Other technologies that are expected to be in demand include Mi-Fi. Mi-Fi Mobile Broadband from 3 is like a personal WiFi Hotspot. The pocket sized MiFi, enables up to five devices to wirelessly access the Internet at the same time, wherever you have mobile phone reception. Unlike a normal Mobile Broadband dongle, it doesn't require a USB port, so can be used to access the internet on your iPad or iPod Touch as well as your laptop or netbook. Available now on Take It Away for GBP54.99 including the first GBP15 credit or Pay As You Go from GBP49.99.

About Currys:

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