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- Launches New Online Storage Solution for Small Businesses

Online storage service,, today announces the launch of its first product for businesses. The new business account, named WorkSpace, gives small businesses (1-20 people) the ability to run their IT solutions in the cloud, meaning companies can manage all their IT data storage securely online.

Businesses are increasingly investing in data storage as industries continue to move towards a paperless world. The business solution replaces the need for an exchange file server and back up server. It is quicker, cheaper, faster and the data is stored in the securest of environments whilst still allowing access from virtually any internet location. provides an easy to use, safe and secure storage space for files, accessible from any computer or a mobile phone. The company already holds over 140 terabytes of data from over 150,000 customers and WorkSpace will see, for the first time, expand its product range to offer a dedicated solution for small businesses.

WorkSpace allows businesses to begin seizing the advantages of cloud computing, giving companies the ability to access their files securely from any PC or device, be it a laptop or a mobile phone. It has all the typical* features including giving business users the power to edit their documents from multiple locations and flexible permissions so documents can be shared / edited with certain colleagues.

WorkSpace is available in two versions, S and L, and is available from GBP9.90 per month. More information can be found at

Dan Conlon, Founder of commented, "The growth of cloud computing and the success of so far means we are perfectly placed to launch a product for small businesses. There is already an appetite for the product as we have seen a number of small businesses use the Premium Account service already offers. As this is aimed at the single user, WorkSpace picks up where the Premium Account lets down small businesses - individual logins, teamspaces, virus scanning and flexible permissions all allow to become a practical IT storage solution for small businesses."

* provides online storage, the ability to share files, edit documents online, perform regular backup and allow access from a mobile phone all with piece of mind that your files are secured safely with the latest 256-bit encryption.

About was founded in January 2007 as a means to provide a safe and secure storage space for personal files, accessible through a computer or a mobile phone. offers users 30GB of space for free to store and share anything from documents to music and video files, no matter where you are. It negates the inflexibility of leaving your data at home or at the office, and the risk of loss, theft or damage that comes from taking your files around with you in your pocket or on your laptop. takes all possible measures to ensure the security of user data including 256-bit encryption, firewalling, and a partitioned network. In addition,'s servers are stored in a former Bank of England gold bullion vault with bomb-blast corridors and blast-proof steel gates. was founded by Dan Conlon, a dotcom entrepreneur who sold his first business to Pipex, where he became MD of Hosting. The business is privately funded and has experienced growth of 510% in the six months to February 2008.

Press enquiries: +44(0)845-862-0927 Dan Conlon: 8th Floor, The Economist Building 25 St. James Street London SW1A 1HA United Kingdom

Press enquiries: +44(0)845-862-0927, Dan Conlon:, 8th Floor, The Economist Building, 25 St. James Street, London, SW1A 1HA, United Kingdom