HONG KONG, October 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited announced that its subsidiary, Advent Investments Pte Ltd, had completed the sale of its controlling stake in Partner Communications Company Ltd. to Scailex Corporation Ltd. today on 28 October 2009. The sale proceeds will be retained for general corporate purposes pending the completion of a review of the Company's capital requirements by the Board.

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About Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited

Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited ('Hutchison Telecom' or 'the Group') is a leading provider of telecommunications services. The Group currently offers mobile telecommunications services in Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Thailand, operating brands Hutch, 3 and Vietnamobile.

Hutchison Telecom is a listed company with American Depositary Shares quoted on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker HTX and shares listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong under the stock code 2332. A member of the Hong Kong-based Hutchison Whampoa Group, Hutchison Telecom is committed to providing superior telecommunications services in dynamic markets. For more information about Hutchison Telecom, see http://www.htil.com .

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