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- Launches New Stress-Busting Page

We have all heard how confidence has been lost in the financial markets as a result of recent events in the global banking sector, but how is that affecting the confidence of the individuals who are having to live with the consequences? As the recession deepens we are finding many people are suffering from stress and loss of self-confidence.

Common themes and feelings include: - A sense of failure - Loss of control - Feelings of insecurity and foreboding - Defensive behaviour - Anxiety and stress levels increased - Loss of sleep - Weight gain (comfort eating) men and women - Increased alcohol consumption

Men and woman both cope very differently with issues surrounding debt. Men have a tendency to hide away from their problems and are far more likely to hide issues from their partners and family; they will become very defensive and look for others to blame. Women are far more likely to face the problem head on and will seek advice quicker than their male counterparts; woman are better equipped to release their emotions, allowing them to take faster, more positive steps towards resolution.

Quick Debt Stress-Busting Tips 1) If you find yourself becoming angry or upset you may find it helpful to take time out, even if only for five minutes. 2) Try to identify the underlying causes of your stress. You may need to review your whole lifestyle. 3) A healthy diet will help prevent you combat stress 4) Keep smoking and drinking to a minimum! 5) Take time to relax. Saying `I just can't take the time off' is no use 6) Sleeping problems are common when you are stressed, but try to ensure you get enough rest. Try not to take sleeping pills for longer than a night or two. 7) One of the best antidotes for stress is enjoying yourself so try to bring some fun into your life. 8) Try to keep things in proportion and don't be too hard on yourself. After all, we all have bad days. 9) Talk about your problems with friends and family, they will often be able to offer great advice and support.