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- Providing its Experienced Experts on a Blog Platform Where Your Networks Optimisation Problems can be Diagnosed

Intergence Systems LLC, a leading independent networks and IT optimisation consultancy, today announced a new blog service called the Optimisation clinic, which will provide the ability to Ask the Doctor on a weekly basis and receive a web-based reply on optimisation issues. Initially it will focus on Networks optimisation with Dr Stephen Turner one of the company's network optimisation specialists. However, depending on the response the consultancy will then be extended to include data centres and security.

Commenting on the new service, Peter Job, CEO stated this is a very exciting new service which we can offer to new and existing clients. Clearly the field of optimisation is at the top of everybody's agenda at the moment as clients try to save on infrastructure cost and improve throughput. This service will allow clients to get free access to ask the occasional difficult question on Networks optimisation and receive a prompt response.

About Intergence Systems

Intergence Systems is a leading independent Networks and IT Optimisation Consultancy, headquartered in Cambridge, UK, and with regional offices in the Middle East (Dubai, UAE) and Americas (Wall Street, New York City). Our three service pillars namely Networks, Data Centres and Security optimisation - are designed with a clear and common purpose, to allow our clients to extract more value from their existing assets.

We enable all types of businesses to extract incremental value from their existing IT environments. Our solutions integrate our heritage of strong technical consulting skills with relevant tools and robust processes to identify and execute opportunities for cost savings and operational improvements.

Running throughout our service offerings is a proven track record of high value technical consulting expertise in areas such as design, build, migrate and operate in multiple IT environments. For more information, visit

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