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- Using MultiVOIP GSM SIP-to-Cellular Gateways and SIP-Based IP Networks

Multi-Tech Systems' new SIP-to-cellular gateway makes the whole world a local call. By adding the capability to route voice calls between cellular GSM and SIP-based Voice over IP networks, organizations realize substantial savings on a worldwide basis for long distance calls. As an additional benefit, the MultiVOIP(R) GSM also provides a backup connection to remote VoIP sites in case of external Internet failure. Multi-Tech announces its new MultiVOIP GSM SIP-to-cellular Gateway, which provides these benefits while maximizing an organization's investment in current telephony equipment and infrastructure. The new gateway, Model MVPGSM-2, comes with two ports for communicating over a SIP-to-cellular connection, and Ethernet interface for connecting to an IP network. The MultiVOIP GSM ships this month.

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MultiVOIP GSM units equipped with GSM cellular service are placed at all your facilities worldwide, states Bill Chesney, Vice President of Sales for Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. Then calls can be sent to any of your offices using your Voice over IP network, and sent locally to a cell phone over the GSM network. That means local calls to anywhere in the world. Add this kind of cost savings potential to the security of having backup voice communications if your IP network fails, and the MultiVOIP GSM is a good investment for companies of any size.

To function, SIP-IP network ends of MultiVOIP GSMs are connected at desired locations by using built-in Ethernet interfaces. The cellular interface of each MultiVOIP GSM is connected to a GSM network by one or two user-supplied SIM cards that have been properly provisioned. IP PBXs also connected to the same IP network are then able to utilize the MultiVOIP GSM to complete calls over the cell networks.

Routing rules determine where specific calls go. For instance, with proper routing rules, a caller in one country (e.g., France) can call a cell phone in another country (e.g., Australia) without incurring any international toll charges. Calls can originate or terminate from an IP PBX handset, PSTN line, or cell phone.

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