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- New 'Panel-Centric Hybrid' Approach Enables Unified Reporting Across Entire Internet Universe, Including Internet Cafes and Mobile WiFi Browsing

Strong industry support has emerged following the announcement earlier this week that comScore, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, will be launching its new Media Metrix 360 'panel-centric hybrid' solution for digital audience measurement in the U.K. The new service, which combines person-level measurement with Web site server metrics to account for 100 percent of a Web site's total audience, will be available in the U.K. from September 2009 with the publication of August 2009 data.


We are delighted to announce the introduction of the new comScore Media Metrix 360 service in the U.K., a significant innovation in digital audience measurement, said Mike Read, SVP managing director, comScore Europe. comScore's panel-centric hybrid approach has been under development for more than a year now. During this time, with the participation of key clients, it has been developed to leverage people-focused measurement alongside site server data to provide extended reporting across the entire Internet universe. This combined approach will help create a unified digital currency that is fully consistent with ad server counts used for advertising payments.

Unified Cross-Platform Audience Reporting

A newly developed comScore universe report will provide visibility into the entire universe of Internet usage, including access of Web sites from mobile devices and computers outside of home and work locations, including Internet cafes. Media Metrix 360's tracking of mobile devices will include WiFi browsing, a segment of traffic not currently captured in mobile operator log data. This capability makes it the perfect complement to mobile network-centric census measurement, such as that pioneered by comScore in a feasibility study with the GSM Association and U.K. Mobile Operators.

Widespread Support for Media Metrix 360 Across U.K. Digital Media Industry

As both a publisher and network, Fox welcomes comScore's continued commitment to defining industry measurement and working closely with the industry to deliver more reliable statistics into the market, said Federica Aperio, U.K. Managing Director, Fox Networks. In an ever changing landscape, more accuracy is required to better define the commodities we trade and comScore's launch of Media Metrix 360 is a positive step in the right direction to offer more clarity and reliability of data.

Agencies have continually sought enhanced accountability and transparency in online audience measurement, said Andrew Mason, Media Director at Blue Barracuda. This is a significant evolution from comScore. We welcome with open arms superior quality, reliability and above all trust in online metrics. Blue Barracuda congratulates comScore for consistently pushing the boundaries in this area and we are very excited about using the new service.

comScore has consistently shown great innovation and commitment to measuring the Internet, whether fixed or mobile, said Henry Stevens, Director of Media and Entertainment for the GSMA. The launch of comScore's latest solution underscores that innovation, and seeks to strengthen the GSMA's Mobile Media Metrics programme to provide the most comprehensive view of the mobile consumer.

Marketers and agencies are seeking more investment accountability, smarter aggregation and multi-dimensional data that provides more holistic purview of online customer behaviors, said Kate Sirkin, EVP, Global Director of Research, Starcom MediaVest. Starcom MediaVest applauds comScore for driving tangible, progressive advancements in the growing and needed field of digital audience measurement.

comScore's new 360 approach is going to provide media owners, advertisers and networks like ourselves with a broader view of what happens online, said Dominic Trigg, VP of global sales marketing at Trade Doubler. We look forward to a time when the issue of server log data and panel data no longer exists and see the inclusion of ad server data into these reports as an extremely positive step for the industry.

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