BRUSSELS, October 27, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- At the Kazakhstan-European Partnership Summit today, Nicholas Pomeroy - General Director, Invensys Kazakhstan demonstrated the EYESim virtual reality (VR) system to President Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan and Jose Manuel Barosso, President of the European Commission. Anthony Gajadharsingh, Chief of Staff, Invensys Plc was also present on the occasion, as well as other distinguished members of the Kazakhstan government.

Developed by Invensys, the EYESim virtual reality (VR) system is the first industrial virtual reality training solution based on first-principle simulation and augmented reality. EYESim VR technology enables engineers and operators to see and safely interact with the plant and the processes they control. Using a stereoscopic headset, trainees enter a completely immersive environment in which they can move throughout the plant. Such freedom is possible because the virtual environment is rendered at 60 frames per second, significantly faster than what can be achieved by traditional, non real-time rendering.

EYESim technology is geared towards the energy, chemical, oil and gas, and other vital process industries as they face knowledge management, training and retention challenges brought on by an aging and dwindling industry workforce.

Speaking on the occasion, Nicholas Pomeroy said, Kazakhstan is a strategic partner for Invensys and we are steadfast in our vision and commitment to Kazakhstan and look forward to helping develop the potential of the country particularly in the Oil Gas and transportation sector. With our proven expertise in Operations Management and Rail, Invensys want to work in partnership to apply the advanced technologies that enable the world's manufacturing and energy generating facilities, mainline and mass transit rail networks to operate safely and efficiently.

In the past, Invensys has demonstrated its commitment to the education and development of Kazakhstani engineers through its sponsorship of the Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU). President Nazarbayev greatly appreciated Invensys's efforts and commitment to his country, applying advance technologies and contributing to the education and development of Kazakhstani citizens.

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