ATLANTA, Georgia, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- IPgallery today announced the availability of the NGN Adaptation Platform, or NAP. The NAP provides network mediation services that in essence convert an operator's existing, legacy environment into an all-IP environment without replacing or changing existing switches. In doing so, the NAP enables the convergence of multiple networks (legacy, NGN, IMS) and introduces central provisioning and management of all network elements and the sharing of applications across different networks types. This enables operators to deploy advanced services on top of existing network infrastructure and leverage existing services such as prepaid, 800 etc in the NGN/IMS core network environment.

The NAP also mediates between the existing network environment, including existing OSS/BSS systems, and NGN/IMS compliant networks. This allows operators to integrate new services deployed on the IMS network with existing OSS and BSS systems, making the migration of subscribers between existing infrastructure and newly deployed NGN/IMS networks smooth and easy, while also letting the subscribers on the existing network benefit from the new services developed for the IMS network.

IPgallery's NGN Adaptation Platform: - Allows a service provider to leverage existing investments and utilize available services, OSS/BSS and core network components in the NGN/IMS environments - Dramatically shortens the introduction of new services, while making it possible to introduce advanced, converged services on the legacy network and legacy services on newly deployed NGN/IMS compliant networks, - Significantly reduces service providers' integration efforts, provisioning managing and operating costs, CapEx and OpEx - Makes the future process of migrating to IMS simple and efficient

"Operators deploying IMS are realizing that the migration from the legacy network to IMS is a complicated process." said Avihai Degani, CEO of IPgallery. "As a result, some operators are implementing IMS in parallel to the legacy network for the period of migration that can take anywhere from a few months to years, while others are looking to upgrade their existing networks to an All-IP environment, enabling the deployment of advanced services without deploying IMS. Whichever path operators take, all of them are looking to minimize the integration and migration efforts, cut CapEx and OpEx spending, and leverage existing investment in the network and applications layer (such as OSS / BSS systems). It is with all of these issues in mind that IPgallery has designed the NAP."

About IPgallery

IPgallery enables the integration of legacy and next-generation network infrastructure, and facilitates the fast and simple development, deployment and management of advanced, converged services to subscribers on any device. The company's products enable operators to deploy next generation applications in a pre-IMS network environment, while providing a seamless migration path to the deployment of IMS compliant networks and leverage existing "legacy" investments on the NGN/IMS core network.

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Contact: Hila Dahan, Ipgallery, Phone: +972-9-774-7015, Email: