DUBAI, UAE, May 25 /PRNewswire/ -- The Islamic finance industry gets its first dedicated training portal:, Islamic Finance Training, Online. Certified by leading scholars, the portal is the first to provide streamable, interactive Islamic finance training modules ideal for training across large-scale institutions, as one prominent user, Yusuf Jha, Shariah Controller at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, describes it.

Commenting on the launch, IslamicAdvisory's MD Atif Khan said, So far the Islamic finance industry has relied on 2 day crash courses to get by. But bankers are frustrated with paying thousands of dollars for theory and coffee. What is needed is practical, bank-wide training throughout the year, with case studies, quizzes, and in-house testing.

IslamicAdvisory memberships start at $49/month for individuals and $6,995/month for entire banks. All training content is based on the latest AAOIFI (Accounting and Auditing Organization of Islamic Financial Institutions) Shariah Standards, the leading standard-setting body in Islamic finance. While meeting these global standards, the training modules also address individual bank needs as an outsourced tool for their training departments. In fact, one major Islamic bank recently conducted a Shariah review and found IslamicAdvisory's modules to effectively complement their existing in-house training.

The website has an impressive array of training modules ranging from introductory level, such as Understanding Sukuk, to the practical and customer-facing, like How Is A Murabaha Different From A Conventional Loan? and even the advanced, like How To Calculate An Ijarah (Islamic Lease) Schedule. The site offers dozens of interactive online quizzes and exercises and a 90-minute certification exam. New training modules are added every week.

In the free access area of the website, IslamicAdvisory offers a community experience with discussion forums, podcasts, live webinars, member profiles, and the largest Islamic finance QA database available online.

To learn more, go to or simply click ( ) to watch the 2 Minute Video Tour. To learn more about Islamic finance, watch Why Islamic Finance? ( ).

About is the world's first dedicated Islamic finance training portal, offering streamable training modules, certification, discussion forums, member profiles, podcasts, live webinars, and a QA database. The website was globally launched in May 2009 by Islamic Advisory Group LLC, an independent and privately held company incorporated at the Dubai International Financial Centre. Based on recent share sales, Islamic Advisory Group LLC is currently valued at USD45 million.

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