UTRECHT, The Netherlands, March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- EXIN, the Examination Institute for Information Science, continues to play a significant role in the translation of the new ITIL(R) V3 Qualification Scheme as the first Japanese Manager's Bridge exams enter the pilot phase in March 2009. This pilot will be the next step in a year-long project to translate the core ITIL(R) V3 examinations into the Japanese language. For the translation of the ITIL(R) V3 Foundation, Foundation Bridge and the Manager's Bridge exam in Japanese, EXIN has enlisted its network of EXIN Experts to contribute to a quality translation of the examinations. The ITIL(R) V3 Manager's Bridge exam is available for candidates who are already certified for ITIL(R) Service Manager or for candidates who have earned at least 12 credits based on Practitioner certificates.

Pilot testing

In a partnership with The APM Group that began in February 2008 with the production of the translations for ITIL(R) V3 Foundation and Foundation Bridge, EXIN Japan has recently completed the translations for the ITIL(R) V3 Manager's Bridge examination questions, based on the Japanese version 3 glossary. After the review of the exams by external experts who are members of the Japanese EXIN QA Panel, the exams will now be made available to the Accredited Examination Institutes. The APM Group, as the official owner of the new exams, will officially approve the exam material after a pilot period. These pilot sessions are scheduled to begin by the end of March 2009.

Localization expertise

Translation of independent certifications has long been a unique service provided by EXIN.

EXIN Japan, with the help of its external experts in the IT Service Management field, was able to customize the current V2 exams in IT Service Management to the requirements imposed by the Japanese market on IT professionals, regarding both content and language. Localizing the new ITIL(R) V3 examinations on all levels into the Japanese language was the logical next step.

Mr. Yasuo Naruse, itSMF Japan Qualification Director/Fujitsu Limited:

It is needless to say that localization is important for ITIL(R) to be disseminated further in Japan and produce an effect in the IT operations environment. I appreciate the introduction of the Japanese pilot exam for the Manager level, in addition to the Foundation Bridge exam in Japanese which was localized last year. I expect this to contribute to the development of personnel at higher levels, which will be necessary for promotion of ITIL(R) V3. itSMF Japan would like to work together with EXIN Japan for localization of qualification programs, as well as to continue to localize ITIL(R) V3 publications into Japanese.

About EXIN

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