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- The Newest Version of the Innovative, Productivity-Focused Java IDE Introduces Support for SQL, UML-Like Class Diagrams, JBoss Seam, FreeMarker Velocity, and Enhances Java Coding Experience

JetBrains(R), creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing tools for software developers, have announced the general availability of the new version of its advanced, developer-centric Java IDE, IntelliJ(R) IDEA 8.

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Since its inception, IntelliJ IDEA has been setting new standards for what a developer-centric IDE should be like. Be it desktop applications, web applications, or huge enterprise solutions, everything you need is right at your fingertips, providing the most intuitive and efficient way to achieve your objectives.

Even as IntelliJ IDEA integrates the widest range of modern tools, frameworks and technologies, with version 8 you can make it as lightweight as you want. It is easily tuned to your specific needs and never overloads you with functionality you don't need at the moment.

The new release also takes the next evolutionary step by providing web, enterprise, and client-server programmers with out-of-the-box functionality for building, running, and maintaining SQL queries - an essential part of DB-based application development. This functionality is now fully supported within the core of the IDE, tightly integrated into your Java code and the persistence environment.

Version 8 breaks more new ground by utilizing the JetBrains IDE platform. This all-new platform is also the base for two stand-alone Ruby and Python IDEs that JetBrains plans to release in the coming months.

Although IntelliJ IDEA has grown a lot during the recent years and added support for many frameworks and languages, at the heart it remains a code-centric IDE. This has always been our main focus, and this is what we believe to be a natural approach to developing even complex applications with pleasure, said Max Shafirov, IntelliJ IDEA project lead. We are confident that this update will not only delight our current customers, but will also help spread the appeal of IntelliJ IDEA to a wider audience.

The key features and advantages of IntelliJ IDEA 8 include:

- New SQL support, which allows editing database scripts and running queries right in the IDE, with a full range of coding assistance features for several SQL dialects.

- Many core Java features added, including 7 new refactorings, many new code inspections, new tools for working with unit tests, innovative features such as even smarter code completion and the Dataflow to This feature, and more.

- Significant performance boost across the product, including reduced startup times, faster project builds, and version control updates.

Other release highlights include: - UML-like class diagrams for exploring the code structure visually - Support for the new Seam framework from JBoss - Built-in debuggers for JavaScript and Flex - Improved Maven support, with repository browser and archetypes support - FreeMarker and Velocity template languages, with full coding assistance in embedded HTML and CSS code - Extended support for Spring frameworks, with Spring 2.5, Spring Web Flow, Spring MVC and Spring Dynamic Modules - Support for Struts 2 and GWT 1.5 frameworks - RESTful WebServices support - and much more (see )

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