DREIEICH, Germany, February 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Karl Kolb, one of the world's leading full-range suppliers of laboratory instruments and equipment, has announced that it will be entering into a cooperation agreement with technical training systems specialist ELWE. Karl Kolb will expand its own product range by acquiring a stake in ELWE Technik, a move which provides ELWE with a higher degree of visibility and awareness in all relevant markets.

Karl Kolb's investment in ELWE signals the company's commitment to the growing markets of the Middle East and Africa. Good training forms the basis of technical expertise, and this makes training systems a key factor in achieving economic prosperity.

KARL KOLB Managing Director Dr. Michael Fraenzel explains the economic benefits of the cooperation agreement. All the indications are that demand for technical training systems in the educational sector is particularly high on the Arabian and African market. By joining forces with the prestige products offered by ELWE, we are able to bring total experience of 120 years to bear in the fields of production and export and in the commissioning of training equipment.

Our two companies are a perfect match, adds ELWE's Managing Director Bernd Kreikmann. KARL KOLB brings a wealth of marketing expertise to the table. We are now able to increase awareness for our vocational training systems in the strongly growing markets of the Arabian and African world. Our customers will be the main beneficiaries of the synergies we are able to achieve.

KARL KOLB has been a provider of high-quality laboratory equipment for in excess of 60 years. The comprehensive service offer ranges from planning to implementation and is very much in demand in the fields of initial and continuing vocational education and training in the industrial sector as well as in the scientific research community and within the health system. The company owes its excellent reputation on the international market to the high degree of quality and reliability of its products and services.


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CONTACT: Press contact for picture material and interview questions: PRMarCom, Melanie Hessler, E-mail: hessler@pr-marcom.de, Tel:+49(0)40-500-175-75