HARTFORD, Connecticut and PUNE, India, July 6 /PRNewswire/ --

DiviNet, a leading provider of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) solutions,
and Keisense, an innovative provider of user interface technologies for consumer
electronic devices, today announced the successful integration of Keisense's
ConnecTiVi into DiviNet's IPTV network. The combined solution will enable a
range of interactive services over legacy television sets.

DiviNet Access Technologies Limited provides an End-to End IPTV solution. A
consortium, of DiviNet, WICE Net and MKCL, is providing IPTV services on the
BSNL's (the world's 7th largest telecom company) Broadband network, and are
providing IPTV services in 21 cities covering 5 states in India.

WICE Net Limited, the operations partner of DiviNet, has also deployed IPTV
solution in Ghana, on Vodafone Ghana network.

DiviNet's solution now includes Keisense's user interface platform to enable the
service provider to develop and deploy powerful interactive applications.
Currently the solution is available on WiceBox, DiviNet's IPTV set top platform.
In the future, the framework will support other Cable TV and DTH platforms as

We look forward to working together with WICE Net to drive new interactive
applications to the big screen says Santosh Sharan, President and CEO, Keisense.
The integrated platform takes advantage of WICE Net's widely-deployed IPTV
footprint and opens up an enormous market for developers of social networking
and messaging applications.

DiviNet and Keisense are planning to introduce community chat and messaging
services around popular TV shows as a pilot service to WICE Net's existing
customer base. In addition, the companies are jointly designing new search and
interactive reality TV applications that will generate new revenue streams for
IPTV service providers and cable operators.

Interactive TV services are true market differentiators in this dynamic market,
notes P R Eknath, MD / CTO, DiviNet Access Technologies. The combined
DiviNet-Keisense solution overcomes the hurdles of text-driven interaction with
legacy TV systems and opens the door to many new applications. Keisense's
predictive user interface provides an intuitive and enjoyable way for users to
use new applications.

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Keisense provides interactive solutions and applications to enhance the user
experience on TV, mobile, gaming, computing and kiosk devices. With its flagship
product PriText, Keisense enables intuitive predictive text input on a wide
range of popular remote controls for TV and set top boxes. Keisense's patented
technologies break through the critical barrier that prevents true interactive
TV, by letting users instantly send messages or chat via their own TV remote
control, popular game console remote, or pointing devices, enabling novel social
networking use cases and opening up new advertising and ecommerce opportunities.
On mobile/portable devices, Keisense allows for unrivalled error tolerance,
enabling rapid and effective text input. Keisense is headquartered in Hartford,
Connecticut, with offices in Boston and the Silicon Valley area. For more
information, please visit www.keisense.com

About DiviNet

DiviNet Access Technologies Limited has developed an End-to- End IPTV solutions
and deploys them through its associate company WICE Net. DiviNet's solution
comprises of complete NOC Customer Premises Equipment. Multicast streaming,
Encoding, VOD streaming Storage, Middleware, DRM, CRM, Billing interfaces and
various application frameworks have been developed under one roof. This provides
an immense value for service providers to integrate various applications
smoothly. Such homogeneous networks enable ease of customisation up-gradation as
well. For more information, please visit www.divinetaccess.com, www.wicenet.com,
and www.mkcl.org

SOURCE: Keisense

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