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- Gameforge CEO to Address Free-to-Play Browser-Based Games and Opportunities in This Growing Sector

Klaas Kersting, CEO of German browser game pioneer Gameforge, will deliver a track keynote at the 2009 Game Developers Conference(R) Europe (GDC Europe). Changes in the Games Industry - Free-to-play vs. Payment Models will be the title of Kersting's keynote in which he will share his thoughts on the success of the revolutionary free-to-play model that is employed by Gameforge. The free-to-play model allows gamers worldwide to play games for free, while premium items within the game or specific services are charged that enhance the play experience.

In his keynote, Kersting will talk about the history of Gameforge, the advantages of different payment models, and the differences between Europe and Asia in terms of attitudes toward gaming and cultural backgrounds. Gameforge was founded in 2003, by Klaas Kersting and Alexander Rosner, and quickly became the market leader in online games in Germany. Award-winning browser- and client-based games like OGame, Ikariam and Metin2 have attracted more than 75 million gamers worldwide.

Gameforge develops pioneering and groundbreaking technologies in the browser-based game sector, which is driving the whole industry, said Frank Sliwka, Vice President European Business Development of Think Services Game Group. GDC Europe is focused on delivering content that appeals to a global audience, while presenting content that represents and showcases the European development community. Gameforge is one of those companies that exemplifies the European spirit of innovation, and as a market leader, we anticipate a keynote that is powerful, informative and inspiring.

GDC Europe will take place from August 17-19, 2009 at the Cologne Congress East Center in Cologne, Germany. With an expected 1,500 attendees from 48 countries, GDC Europe will be Europe's most important game developers conference. Learn more about GDC Europe at

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