LONDON, December 31, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- In December 2010 the newly developed Ko-Su mobile learning platform began its in-class pilot on iPod Touches at the CFGS Tower Hamlet Girls' Secondary School, in a move to revolutionise how conventional classes are taught.

The Ko-Su solution was first envisaged in January 2010. The concept was to provide an innovative and intuitive solution to deliver education via mobile platforms. It is the first offering on the iMoFi portal. The pilot scheme started with the CHGS Science Department in December and will run until February 2011

CFGS is a voluntary, aided comprehensive school for inner-city girls aged 11-18 in Bow,London. Some 75 per cent of the students are bilingual; thus, a trial of Ko-Su's new approach to classroom teaching has been eagerly adopted.

Mobile learning can play an important role in education across all levels. The opportunity exists for teachers to create tailored lessons that take advantage of the flexibility and individualisation that mobile devices allow. The science teachers at Tower Hamlets are now enjoying the benefits of being able to tailor lessons for students' individual needs and capabilities. The other key innovation of Ko-Su is that it allows teacher-pupil interaction to happen anywhere; as such, teachers can mark homework and give feedback whilst away from the classroom.

The trial will be monitored carefully in the view of rolling out the product in other London schools. If this contemporary strategy proves to boost results in under-performing schools, educational experts are suggesting that this approach could be worth the initial investment and have dramatic results and implications on how a curriculum is presented to students.