EDINBURGH, Scotland, February 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Lettingweb has revealed its iPhone app has been recognised as one of the world's top 500 apps.

The Sunday Times recently published the second part of its definitive App List. The Lettingweb (http://www.lettingweb.com/) iPhone app was selected as one of the world's best apps, featuring in the top 500.

After a conclusive tour around the world's best apps from Apple to Symbian, Angry Birds to Zagat, The Sunday Times short-listed the best performing apps to produce the world's best 500 apps List.

The App List covers all devices and formats, with 40 different top app categories and expert reviews.

The guide was compiled by experts in the relevant fields and regular Sunday Times app reviewers. Some apps were included for their practicality and usefulness whilst others were selected because they were fun and addictive.

Richard Matthews, marketing manager at Lettingweb, said: "As a technology business we are focused on providing the most innovative and practical solutions for our letting agent customers and home hunter users. We are delighted that the Lettingweb iPhone app has been recognised and selected for inclusion on this prestigious list, amongst many other great apps."

Lettingweb was the first UK letting only property website to introduce an iPhone application with a Global Positioning System to identify the user's current location in relation to available properties to rent in that area.

Users of the Lettingweb iPhone app can also view a photo slideshow and the property's particulars on their iPhone, call the agent with an enquiry, forward details to friends or e-mail immediately from their phone so there's nothing for them to remember later. For the letting agent, the chances of receiving an enquiry are greatly improved as it all happens instantly.