HYDERABAD, India, November 5 /PRNewswire/ -- If you are a small or medium-sized business (SMB), you have good news!! Livebiznet.com, a website where SMBs can network, improve business contacts and increase business visibility has been launched by Core Software, a Hyderabad-based product development company.

Livebiznet helps SMBs with marketing their products and services, with post-marketing material and it also integrates Live chat solution to the website to increase sales and reduce support costs.

Companies can also post their job requirements, company press releases and business opportunities to get quick response from thousands of professionals and other companies in the network.

Social networking sites already attract thousands of users, sharing stories, photos and news with friends and family all over the world. The same benefits can also be enjoyed by the businesses provided security, privacy, trusted information and anonymity is guaranteed.. This is the thinking that inspired us to create Livebiznet.com. The real challenge however has been to optimize the potential of networking through integrating the value of networking with the pure need of business and through making the benefits of networking viable to one and all in the business and professional community. Livebiznet is a new initiative in this direction, says the CEO, Kiran Teegala.

LIVEBIZNET (http://www.livebiznet.com) is a business network designed to improve business relationships. It provides a platform for small and medium-sized businesses to build a business centric profile, connect to staff members, expand business contacts, improve business processes, showcase products and marketing material and find professionals to fill job requirements. Livebiznet enables businesses to find suppliers recommended by their trusted contacts.

The network helps businesses increase sales by allowing them to exchange opportunities and empowering businesses with sales accelerator. Sales accelerator is a free Livechat solution integrated to your website that increases online sales and reduces support costs. You can engage your company profile visitors or website visitors pro-actively while they are viewing a product/service as sales accelerator is integrated to your products section of your profile page and your website. Marketing Director, Chandra Mohan Poori says Livebiznet is the future of business networking and SMBs will benefit from it.

Livebiznet as the name suggests gets the concept of LIVE network by adding features that allow users to chat instantly over the network. Group all your staff members for an easier way to communicate with one another and explore their contacts. You can get insight into your 1st level contacts, their contacts ie., 2nd level contacts and 3rd level contacts too.

Livebiznet aims to serve 1 million companies by 2011. Livebiznet is free to join and plans to initially target companies in India and United States. Livebiznet also hosts ad space for SMBs to advertise their products and services. The company plans to make revenue from basic and premium subscriptions, sales accelerator and advertisements.

Contact for more information: Chandra Mohan Poori, Director Marketing Finance Telephone: +91-98850-76785 or +1-404-437-6655 (US) Email: chandra.poori@livebiznet.com

Contact for more information: Chandra Mohan Poori, Director Marketing Finance Telephone: +91-98850-76785 or +1-404-437-6655 (US) Email: chandra.poori@livebiznet.com