FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Germany, April 23 /PRNewswire/ -- LORENZ today announced the release of version 3.0 of its popular eValidator validation tool. The name change from eCTD Validator reflects the broader validation scope the tool has received in this major upgrade.

Our validation utility has numerously been called the most advanced validation tool available, says Wolfgang Witzel, President of LORENZ Life Sciences Group. In this upgrade, we have included additional validation profiles and have even created a basic free version that can be downloaded from our website.

The LORENZ eValidator is a fully customizable validation utility that - in its professional version - includes all types of regulatory profiles from around the world. The eValidator is now not only able to validate eCTDs, but also NeeS submissions. An Editor allows users to write their own rules or create their own profiles using an easy-to-understand scripting language. This makes the eValidator the most versatile validation tool on the market.

As part of the basic and free downloadable version, LORENZ is initially making available the EU eCTD NeeS profiles. To download the free version, please visit our download section. Further profiles are due to launch in the near future.

LORENZ is also making the basic version available for free distribution to its European regulatory agency customers.


LORENZ is the most established provider of e-regulatory software and services in the world, focused on submission management, labeling and tracking. As an innovative software engineering company, LORENZ' solutions foster independence, empowering customers to develop their own processes and maintain control of their own intellectual property.

Contact: LORENZ Life Sciences Group Petra Mc Grath, Marketing Phone +49-69-78-99-11-23 Email: Web:

Contact: LORENZ Life Sciences Group, Petra Mc Grath, Marketing, Phone +49-69-78-99-11-23, Email: