NEW YORK and LONDON, June 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- MediaNet, the leading provider of digital entertainment content, opens today in the United Kingdom the advanced MN Open platform which provides an API and a suite of easy to install Web Components for the digital delivery of music and eBook premium content. Customers can learn more about these products and sign up today at MediaNet also opened its doors to the MN Open platform in Canada today.

Alan McGlade, CEO of MediaNet, stated: Today's international launch takes the long wait times, lengthy contracts and technical hassles out of offering premium content. Consumers in the UK are technically savvy and predisposed to consuming digital entertainment content. Web publishers, application developers and online retailers can now deliver their end users a customized, deep catalog of eBooks and digital music with ease and a quick time to market.

MediaNet offers a broad catalog of eBooks including the most popular titles available through major physical and online book sellers. Offered in the popular Adobe ePub and PDF formats, they are compatible with a wide variety of devices including PC, Mac, Sony Reader, and many others. MediaNet's API provides complete control over the user experience, functionality, e-commerce and content catalog. Online retailers can rapidly implement more advanced browsing, discovery, and purchase options under their own brand. MediaNet will make available its popular suite of Web Components for the eBooks offering in the next month. To aid adoption and ease, a versatile and intelligent download manager simplifies the acquisition and management of eBooks for end users. MediaNet's eBook customers will have access to a sophisticated real-time reporting portal to monitor sales activity.

MediaNet's digital music offering in the UK consists of a robust API and a suite of Web Components. With the MN Open API, customers have complete control over the user experience, functionality, e-commerce and an 8 million-plus song and music video catalog with all services delivered under their brand. MediaNet's Web Components for digital music are easy to install and incorporate into a website with no coding required. Customers copy and paste the code snippets anywhere on their page with their branding front and center. Available in three main categories: contextual matching; commerce and discovery.

James Healy, Manager, Universal Music UK, commented: We are constantly seeking ways to expand the reach of Universal's catalog. MediaNet have a proven record for the digital distribution of music. We are pleased to be in partnership with them with their new MN Open offering making it easier for any company to have a simple and classy digital music solution and for consumers to discover and buy their favorite songs where they spend their time online.

Customers can now sign up for the MN Open Web Components and API for free at, and have a premium content offering with fully customizable features up and running in no time. MediaNet operates a high volume media distribution network delivering premium content in the US for application and web developers of all sizes from niche bloggers to global brands.

McGlade added: MediaNet has taken the delivery of premium digital content to the next level. With our auto sign up and no upfront costs we allow customers to find an easy, self serve solution. The fast track process we've integrated allows for customers big and small to add eBooks and digital music to their website further expanding the marketplace and increasing consumer acceptance.

About MediaNet

MediaNet is the leading provider of premium digital media content. MN Open, MediaNet's advanced technology platform, offers an API and easy to use Web Components that deliver a set of powerful music and eBook content products. MediaNet currently powers more than 100 customers of all sizes from niche bloggers to global brands allowing them to integrate digital entertainment content into their website or application quickly and easily to engage users and generate revenues.

MediaNet ( a digital music pioneer founded in 2001, is privately-held and headquartered in New York with offices in Seattle and London.

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