KAZAN, Russia, September 21, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Today MetaQuotes Software Corp. launches a new partnership campaign (http://www.teamwox.com/en/partners/saas?source=prnw) for hosting companies offering them a chance to be SaaS providers.

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The essence of the new campaign ( http://www.teamwox.com/en/teamwox/tutorials/196?source=prnw) is simple. MetaQuotes Software Corp. offers software licenses to SaaS providers at a fixed price of 5$ per user a month. Providers in turn install licensed copies of the system on their own servers, choose their own pricing and promote it to their customers.

The SaaS providers may set any pricing model to offer to their customers. For example, purchasing a license for $5 per user, they can offer it to their clients for $15-20. And even this price will be lower than similar solution on the market.

MetaQuotes has released a new application TeamWox SaaS Agent which will help SaaS partners to resell the system. Application allows to easily manage multiple copies of the system: within a few minutes install a new copy, register it on a DNS server, install an SSL certificate and maintain installed copies of TeamWox.

To help its partners, MetaQuotes offers a package of marketing materials (http://www.teamwox.com/en/teamwox/tutorials/194?source=prnw). So that SaaS providers can instantly start their new business. Moreover, SaaS Providers get extra free materials to offer additional paid services to their clients. Thus providers can expand their portfolios with integration services, training courses, etc.

By offering the new solution, MetaQuotes Software Corp. hopes to take market share in the area of specialized applications for SaaS providers. This market is actively developing now, still competition is not so strong yet. Primarily the company aims to offer its software to ISPs and hosting companies. However, any company can also take advantage of this offer and expand their business.

About MetaQuotes Software Corp. (http://www.metaquotes.net/?source=prnw)

MetaQuotes developing software solutions for 10 years. Today the company is known as a provider of reliable software for financial markets (MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platform) and has become a worldwide market leader in this field. Since 2005 MetaQuotes have been developing enterprise management systems.

About TeamWox

TeamWox is an enterprise management system for small and medium businesses. Within a single information environment, TeamWox automates business processes making them more transparent, helping companies to increase their efficiency and reduce expenses. Today about four thousand different companies around the world use TeamWox.

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SOURCE: MetaQuotes Software Corp.

CONTACT: Press Contacts: Lenar Fatkhullin, Marketing Director ofMetaQuotes Software Corp., lenar@metaquotes.net , +7-843-200-10-10 ext.132.