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Today, SpreadsheetGear LLC, a privately held software publisher, announced that Microsoft has added a number of Excel based calculators to the MSN Money Web site with SpreadsheetGear's Excel compatible spreadsheet technology.

Using SpreadsheetGear for .NET, the MSN Money development staff was able to create a number of Banking, Savings, Debt Management, Family College Finance and Retirement Estate Planning calculators that will help MSN Money users save time and money. The MSN Money development team uses SpreadsheetGear for .NET in their ASP.NET web pages to load Excel based models, plug in values and calculate the results which are then returned to the browser and available to the site's users. Thanks to the use of features like user defined names, these Excel models can be changed in Excel and deployed with no changes to the underlying ASP.NET code.

We are pleased to be renewing our contract again this year with SpreadsheetGear, said Chris Donohue, Program Manager of MSN Money. After carefully evaluating Excel Services, SpreadsheetGear, and other 3rd party options, we ultimately chose SpreadsheetGear for .NET because it is the best fit for MSN Money.

We are excited that MSN Money has chosen SpreadsheetGear for .NET to deploy their Microsoft Excel based calculators, said Joe Erickson, Founder and CEO, SpreadsheetGear LLC. Many of the largest companies in the world rely on SpreadsheetGear for scalable Excel Reporting, dynamic dashboards from Excel charts and ranges, powerful Windows Forms spreadsheet controls, comprehensive Excel compatible charting, the fastest and most complete Excel compatible calculations and more.

Download the FREE Fully Functional Evaluation of SpreadsheetGear 2008 Today at http://www.SpreadsheetGear.com.

For links to the MSN Money calculators which use SpreadsheetGear for .NET, please see http://www.SpreadsheetGear.com/customers/microsoft.msn.money.aspx.

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