STELLENBOSCH, South Africa, June 7, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Google's foray into the mobile space has been nothing short of impressive. With a 97% increase in Android users from October 2009 to December 2009, Google's Android operating system is rapidly becoming one of the favourite operating systems for smartphone users globally. In February 2010, 60 000 Android handsets were shipped daily in North America alone. (source: AdMob Mobile Metrics)

MiX Telematics has added to the wave of applications becoming available for this open source platform with the latest edition of MiX Mobile for Android.

XDrive and Protector customers using phones with the Android operating system can now track their vehicles from the palm of their hands. Convenience and peace of mind is achieved by simply installing the MiX Mobile application onto any Android handset.

With MiX Mobile already available for most iPhone and BlackBerry handsets, this Google developed platform extends MiX Telematics' mobile reach to even more of their customers. In addition, MiX Telematics' mobile team is working on the next mobile platform, being Apple's new iPad, making MiX Mobile easily accessible and compatible with most smartphones, tablet computers and their operating systems.

Android is a developer-friendly platform and Google has made it possible for developers around the globe to produce the best applications for their platform. In this spirit, MiX Telematics set out to challenge themselves to deliver a great application for all Android users.

Charles Tasker, Managing Director of MiX Telematics (International), commented Android is gaining ground on competitors in the smartphone market with a high adoption rate and MiX Mobile is pleased to have joined the Android community. We pride ourselves in delivering meaningful information to our clients and this is another way of ensuring they get the information they want when they want it, on the device they want to receive it on. Keeping track of your vehicle has never been this easy.

Customers can go to to register and receive the application.

About MiX Telematics

Founded in 1996, MiX Telematics is a global provider of vehicle tracking and fleet management products and services to consumers and companies of all sizes in over 100 countries on six continents. The company's commercial product range - formerly marketed under the VDO brand and sold by Siemens VDO for 10 years - helps fleet owners ensure driver and passenger safety, reduce fleet running and fuel costs, comply with selected industry regulations, and track and protect vehicles and drivers. Commercial customers include Parmalat, Schlumberger, Chevron, Greyhound, Spar, and Scania. MiX Telematics has offices in South Africa, the United Kingdom, USA, UAE and Australia and an extensive global distribution network.

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