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ModiFace Inc., developer of the world's most advanced makeover technology enabling life-like beauty simulations performed on user-uploaded photos, today announced technology upgrades to its makeover simulation platform based on years of direct research in consultation with plastic surgeons, weight- loss clinicians and color cosmeticians. The new upgrades allow for fully automatic, instantaneous, and realistic visual simulations on user-uploaded photos involving skin tanning, skin colorization, weight-loss or gain, and color cosmetics.

ModiFace's makeover platform, which now includes over 50 unique visualization options, can be incorporated into any web, mobile, or kiosk application in a matter of minutes with full customization and control. In essence, any company can use ModiFace's makeover platform to develop their own online makeover tools for their products. Launched in August 2008, ModiFace's makeover platform currently processes nearly 100,000 photos per day for over 20 different web and mobile applications including,, and

The new technology additions make it possible to upload a photo and perform a makeover, with no manual alignment, calibration, registration or wait. Some of the makeover categories include:

- Weight loss/gain - Skin tanning and colorization - Color cosmetics - Anti-aging and cosmetic surgery - Hair color/style change

For each particular visualization option, we have taken great care to ensure the results are as accurate as possible, said Dr. Parham Aarabi, founder and CEO of ModiFace. For example, in creating dermal filler and anti-aging visualization tools, we consulted world-renowned plastic surgeons over a two-year period to collect their feedback regarding various versions of our makeover platform.

ModiFace employs unique patent-pending technology to automatically pin-point facial characteristics, and to apply a makeover on a photo completely automatically and within seconds. A recent study that will be presented at the 2009 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo has concluded that ModiFace's face detection is over 50% more accurate than other state-of-the-art face detection systems, while being faster and fully scalable.

About ModiFace Inc.

Founded in 2006 by University of Toronto professor Parham Aarabi, ModiFace Inc. utilizes advanced computer vision and image processing algorithms to visualize different facial operations including plastic surgery, facial aesthetic treatments and hairstyle changes. ModiFace's patent-pending technologies empower consumers to redefine their images by automatically visualizing face enhancements, treatments and modifications. For more information about ModiFace, visit

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