GUILDFORD, England and KARLSRUHE, Germany, June 15 /PRNewswire/ --

- Now for Free for Private Users: Web Conferences Facilitate Remote Control and Rapid Assistance for Computer Problems

Netviewer AG, Europe's leading manufacturer of Web conferencing solutions, now offers its support solution to private users at no charge. With this software, colleagues, customers, and friends can help each other over the Internet when they have computer problems. The tool may be used to control remote computers, install programs, and update software, even through firewalls. Commercial customers can try Netviewer Support for free. A monthly charge of EUR29.90 each for 10 licenses is required for commercial use.

Installation of Netviewer Support is not required; instead, the user starts it directly from the Internet ( No matter where the person providing the help is located, for instance a technical support employee, he has direct access to the computer and can bring it back into operation without delay. Using Netviewer, he establishes an Internet-based connection to the remote computer. He can then make the necessary entries, install new programs, or update software without leaving his own computer. Long periods of downtime while waiting for an expert to arrive are now history. As soon as the problem is fixed, the employee can start using his computer again.

Using Netviewer is so easy that even technically inexperienced people can utilize the program with no problem. At the same time, Netviewer has certified security so even sensitive data can be transferred without a second thought. More than 400 banks and 18 of 30 companies on the German DAX stock market index trust Netviewer for these reasons, according to Dr. Andreas Schweinbenz, founder and CEO of Netviewer. If required, sessions can be documented with a revision-safe recording.

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Founded 2001 in Karlsruhe, Netviewer ( is Europe's leading provider of real-time Web conferencing solutions with currently over 260 employees worldwide. The Netviewer service enables users to view each other's PC screens simultaneously in order to work on all kinds of documents, calculations or graphics together - regardless of where the participants are located. Real-time collaboration and communication via the internet significantly reduce time and cost of travel and thus increase productivity.

More than 15,000 corporations and small and medium businesses from over 55 countries rely on the ease of use the Netviewer tools offer, including SAP, TNT, Espresso Education, Capita, Admiral Insurance, British Horseracing Board, and Fidelity Investments. With headquarters in Germany, Netviewer has subsidiaries in Switzerland, France, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Austria and Sweden.

More information: Netviewer AG Dunja Riehemann Erzbergerstr. 117 D-76133 Karlsruhe, Germany Tel.: +49(0)721-35-44-99-114 E-mail: Storymaker Agentur für Public Relations GmbH Kristina Frayne/ Katrin Renner Derendinger Str. 50 D-72072 Tübingen Tél +49(0)7071-93872-222 E-Mail :

More information: Netviewer AG, Dunja Riehemann, Erzbergerstr. 117, D-76133 Karlsruhe, Germany, Tel.: +49(0)721-35-44-99-114, E-mail:; Storymaker Agentur für Public Relations GmbH, Kristina Frayne/ Katrin Renner, Derendinger Str. 50, D-72072 Tübingen, Tél +49(0)7071-93872-222, E-Mail :