LONDON, February 24, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- A simple blood test that could help save lives by detecting ovarian cancer at an earlier stage is available in the UK from 25 February 2010. Called OvPlex(TM), the test is being welcomed by cancer specialists and ovarian cancer charities as a superior performing diagnostic for the earlier detection of ovarian cancer in symptomatic women.

OvPlex(TM) is being introduced into the UK by Intus Healthcare, having secured distribution rights from the Australian ASX listed company that developed the test, HealthLinx Ltd.

Spire Healthcare is supporting the UK launch, with women attending its hospitals to have the blood test performed. Designed for symptomatic women or those with a family history of ovarian cancer, the OvPlex(TM) test is ordered directly from Intus Healthcare ( A test wallet with details of the local Spire hospital will be sent to the patient by post and the results are then sent to the patient's GP to discuss with the patient.

Some 6,600 British women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year and diagnosis often comes too late as only 40% of those diagnosed live beyond five years[i].

Malcolm Padwick, specialist gynaecological surgeon at Spire Bushey Hospital and lead gynaecological oncology surgeon for West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, explains: Ovarian cancer is the most fatal gynaecological cancer because women are often not diagnosed until the late stage of the disease. To provide early stage diagnostic tests makes a real difference to outcomes.

OvPlex(TM), launched Australia in 2008, is a superior alternative to other available diagnostic tests, including CA125, and measures the increased levels of five proteins in the blood. Results of a phase 2 biomarker study in 2008 reported 94% accuracy in diagnosing ovarian cancer, compared to 89% for CA125 alone.

Nick Gatsios, MD of HealthLinx Ltd comments: We are confident of the benefits OvPlex(TM) offers symptomatic women as it is by far the most effective diagnostic for the detection of ovarian cancer at all stages.

Louise Bayne, CEO of Ovacome, a charity dedicated to helping women and families suffering from the disease comments: OvPlex(TM) is an exciting development offering hope for women seeking a better chance of either alleviating their concerns or getting an early diagnosis. The trial data on OvPlex(TM) indicates excellent potential.



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