DUSSELDORF, Germany and HAIFA, Israel, November 19, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- A new intermittent pneumatic compression device for enhanced blood circulation in patients diagnosed with peripheral artery disease (PAD), is being launched by Mego Afek AC, Ltd. here at the MEDICA World Forum for Medicine.

The Angio Press(R) provides moderately applied high-pneumatic pressure through pressure garments that are filled with air in an intermittent sequence from the feet and ankles up through the calves of patients diagnosed with PAD. At the end of the sequence, pressure is blocked for four seconds and released when the garments are deflated, followed by a 40-second pressure-free interval.

This intermittent pneumatic compression has been demonstrated to be an effective method for the prevention of deep vein thrombosis and lymphedema. Preliminary results of clinical studies with Angio Press have demonstrated improvement in the symptoms of patients with lower extremity PAD, which may help patients to improve blood flow to their legs, thereby maintaining or improving their mobility.

"Conservative treatment is preferred in cases of intermittent claudicating patients maintaining invasive treatment to sever ischemia of the limbs. Angio Press may provide physicians an important additional treatment modality for patients with stable, Stage II PAD," said Professor Avigdor Zelikovsky, former head, vascular department, Rabin Medical Center, Israel. "Non-invasive options such as this one may allow patients to retain, or in many cases, regain their mobility without significant additional side effects, and allow them to pursue a healthier lifestyle."

The availability of Angio Press is based on a multi-center, randomized, controlled, four-arm open label study. According to data from 28 subjects in Germany and Israel, patients in the treatment group received platelet medication (either aspirin or clopidigrel), walking exercises and Angio Press treatment either once daily for three hours or twice daily for 1.5 hours. These patients demonstrated improvement in the distance at which they first experienced pain when exerting themselves (initial claudication) from 75 meters at baseline to 145 meters after the three-month treatment period, a mean improvement of 69 meters. This was compared to the control group, which received medication and exercise regimen only, and demonstrated improvement from 79.5 meters to 96 meters, a mean improvement of only 13 meters.

Other results included change in total distance walked until the patient could no longer continue (absolute claudication), for which the treatment group demonstrated a mean improvement of 62.5 meters, compared to the control group, which demonstrated a worsening by a mean of 12 meters.

There were no serious adverse events in either study group, although slight discomfort was reported by two subjects when their initial treatment pressure was set to 120mm/Hg. This was improved following pressure adjustment by the physician.

"Angio Press applies our established science in enhancing blood flow and pain reduction," said Yossi Mazel, vice president, sales and marketing, Mego Afek. "We are now able to offer practitioners a wider array of intermittent pneumatic compression solutions to help more of their patients improve their quality of life."

About Peripheral Artery Disease

Peripheral artery disease is defined as a pathologic blood flow obstruction in arteries exclusive of the coronary and cerebral vessels. It occurs when the arteries in the feet, legs, hands and arms become clogged with plaque, which causes them to become narrow and hard, obstructing blood flow. The hardening of these arteries is called atherosclerosis, and may damage tissue by depriving it of blood, and thereby oxygen and nutrients. The condition is both preventable and treatable.

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