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- Classroom technology combines traditional whiteboard surface with interactive performance

PolyVision, a Steelcase company, today introduces eno(TM), a revolutionary new interactive whiteboard. PolyVision's breakthrough solution combines the simplicity and ease of a traditional whiteboard surface with interactive performance -- all without cords, cables or costly installation.

eno is the first three-in-one interactive whiteboard solution -- dry-erase marker, magnetic and multimedia -- giving teachers a flexible, versatile tool that keeps pace with the demands of today's students. It delivers true interactive performance, engaging today's students with high-tech multimedia, multisensory, multidimensional lessons.

eno offers the following advantages:

-- Virtually indestructible dry-erase surface -- built with fifty years of classroom experience, the surface works perfectly with markers and magnets and interactive projection. Dry-erase ink erases easily and completely, for a cleaner whiteboard. PolyVision's Forever Warranty(TM) on the surface ensures eno will outlast the classroom.

-- Interactive performance -- a true technological breakthrough, eno delivers interactivity via a revolutionary Bluetooth(R) stylus, Anoto(R) Group AB digital pen technology and an evolutionary open software platform. The wireless, classroom-friendly stylus and a simple projector allow teachers to transition from ink to internet, from markers to multimedia, without missing a beat. eno's interactive performance requires no hard connections to power or data.

-- Eco-friendly -- made from recyclable materials, eno features an e3 environmental ceramicsteel(TM) surface with Cradle to Cradle(SM) Silver certification, making it the world's only environmentally-certified writing surface. eno also meets stringent indoor air quality standards, and because it is cord- and wire-free, makes for safer, less-cluttered classrooms.

You wouldn't think the best-in-class solution offers a price advantage; however, eno lowers the total cost of ownership for schools in three ways. First, there's only one board to buy for each classroom. Second, no cords and no cables mean no costly installation labor for power and data outlets. Third, eno runs on an open platform that works with existing software and operating systems, so schools' previous investments in programs and teacher training still pay off.

We know that teaching today is a tremendous challenge, said Bob Crain, PolyVision General Manager. At PolyVision, we do everything we can to make it easier for educators to engage students. With eno, teachers have an effective, innovative and eco-friendly new tool for connecting with the next generation of students. It helps teachers teach, students learn and schools save. Not bad for one board.

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