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The next generation of U.S. technologies - in energy, medical, aerospace and media - is now actively seeking Middle Eastern and other international investors. Representatives will be in the Gulf May 18-30 to meet interested partners.

MHM/global strategy is helping a select group of future technology leaders find the right global partners. These public and private technology companies offer international investors the chance to lead rather than follow the technology market - and to get in on the next wave of value creation.

All of these companies will consider placing operations in the Middle East or elsewhere, in exchange for significant investment.

One venture owns a revolutionary oil refining process. Another has built aircraft that transport a 75 ton payload using only 10% of the fuel of conventional aircraft. Another can detect cancer for only US$100 per non-invasive test. A fourth has a near-perfect success rate at stopping viral infections. Another firm is developing robotics for commercial space exploration.

The minimum investment in these ventures is US $2 million.

MHM's unique insight derives from its global profile as a Fortune 50 strategic consultancy. Since 2007 MHM has addressed the World Economic Forum/Arab Business Council, the British Parliament, U.S. Treasury Department, Saudi Aramco headquarters and many other groups.

Through major CEO and board-level presentations for Wall Street analyst conferences, shareowner annual meetings, the Davos World Economic Forum, U.S., European and Asian legislative testimony, and major commencements like MIT and Notre Dame, MHM has helped leading energy, IT, pharma and biotech firms reach investors and other key stakeholders.

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Michael Morgan, President, MHM/global strategy, +1-212-214-0991 (New York office), +1-505-699-5036 (US mobile), +1-212-208-4362 (fax),,