LONDON, February 5 /PRNewswire/ -- NHS Choices (, the online 'front door' to the NHS, today launched a new diabetes symptom checker.

Based on NHS accredited information, the diabetes symptom checker ( enables users to find out in minutes whether they are at risk of having diabetes. It also provides them with clinically approved guidance on what their results mean and what next steps, if any, may be required. This interactive tool is the latest addition to the NHS Choices' extensive tool library.

"This interactive tool has been created with users in mind and is a valuable addition to an ever growing armoury of health resources being made available to the public by the NHS Choices," said a spokesman. "It puts patients in the driving seat by giving them exactly the sort of reliable and dependable information they need to take control of their health at the click of a mouse."

Notes for Editors:

NHS Choices ( is the online information service for the NHS that gives ordinary people the tools to make better, more informed choices about their treatments, health and wellbeing. It includes more than 80,000 pages of content, including video, interactive tools, a daily news service and lifestyle features. Users can also check and compare hospital and doctor's profiles and performance on-line.

For further information, please contact NHS Choices, +44(0)207-972-1812

For further information, please contact NHS Choices, +44(0)207-972-1812