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Australia-based nMetrics has teamed with Vertica Systems to embed the Vertica Analytic Database within a new breed of network monitoring appliance that analyzes huge volumes of network data at blazingly fast speeds to help reveal new insights about network performance, cost and security.

nMetrics is embedding the grid-based, column-oriented Vertica Analytic Database into its Traffic Performance Manager and high-end Application Monitors (AM9051). The nMetrics solution is an application-layer appliance for improving and ensuring the performance of high-speed, complex networks. It enables companies with the biggest networks such as service providers (telecommunications companies), banking and financial organizations, and government departments to monitor applications traversing the network, measure application response times, and report on system-wide application usage from a unified platform.

The Traffic Performance Manager and series of Application Monitors are one of the most cost-effective network monitoring solutions available. Thanks to a clever integration of open source and best-of-breed software like the Vertica Analytic Database, a single nMetrics appliance can deliver easy to use performance reports for up to 500 sites.

One of the single biggest problems in the application reporting industry is the massive flow of network traffic. Vendors in this area are struggling with how to manage these flows. Hence the reporting SLAs are slow, which impacts the level of timely information network and operational managers receive. They need fast reports to deliver fast corrective actions. Vertica solves this problem for nMetrics and its customers.

Vertica is the only grid-based, column-oriented database built to handle massive analytic workloads such as those posed by large, high-speed networks. With its aggressive data compression and columnar storage, the embedded Vertica Analytic Database enables the nMetrics products to store and analyze much larger volumes of network data and query it over 300 times faster than other network monitors. Vertica is self-optimizing, which eliminates manual tuning and configuration overhead; combining that with its economic use of hardware and highly differentiated performance makes it an ideal database to embed within commercial analytic software and appliances.

"We considered open source alternatives but couldn't resist paying for Vertica because it gives us significant competitive advantages other databases could simply not deliver," said Dave Britt, nMetrics' co-founder. "With Vertica embedded in the TPM and Application Monitor and other appliances, our customers receive fast and relevant reports and can store and analyze much longer spans of network data at greater levels of detail. This helps them run their networks more economically and securely, and we get a first-of-its-kind competitive advantage that will enable us to rapidly expand our market worldwide."

The higher data volumes and performance boost provided by the Vertica database engine also enable nMetrics to do real-time troubleshooting, long-term trending and the ability to report on more levels of detail. The monitor gives customers complete visibility of application, conversation and host traffic across multiple sites so they can tune performance and better understand network trends and bottlenecks. It is also a great tool for capacity planning, IT cost accounting and SLA reporting.

The nMetrics partnership is also the latest example of Vertica's "Powered by Vertica" program in action. The "Powered by Vertica" program is designed to give independent software vendors (ISVs) and appliance makers whose products have hit the wall performance-wise using conventional SQL database technology a competitive advantage by turning their data into meaningful information. To become a Powered by Vertica partner or to learn more about the program and partner pricing and support, please visit

"We're excited to be working with nMetrics who share our passion for performance and innovation," said Colin Mahony, Vertica's senior director of business development. "The vast volume of network data that must be collected these days has outstripped the ability of conventional monitors to query it at reasonable speeds and levels of detail. nMetrics can now differentiate itself by offering a unique combination of simplicity, affordability and world-leading ultra-fast data analysis capabilities."

Vertica -- nMetrics webinar on Thursday, October 16

nMetrics and Vertica are jointly presenting a webinar on Thursday, October 16th on the "Next Wave of Analytic Applications and Appliances." The webinar will feature a demonstration of the nMetrics appliance and a description of the process and benefits of embedding the Vertica Analytics Database into their product. To register, please visit:

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