CHICAGO, February 10 /PRNewswire/ --

- Streamlined offering requires no client software and offers unique experience features

Building upon Novarra's industry-leading Vision mobile internet and multimedia platform, the company now offers mobile broadband support for laptops, notebooks and MIDs. The capability is immediately available with the release of Vision platform version 8.0 and enables network operators to maximize throughput, minimize data traffic and differentiate the mobile broadband user experience. Novarra's unique solution offers operator-controlled experiential services and user selectable profiles including a super-optimized mode for content partner sites that is exceedingly fast -- all without the need for client software.

Novarra's optimization and acceleration covers a broad range of IP-based traffic including web, streaming media, internet applications and services, thus reducing operating expenses, capital expenditures and improving network performance for the service provider. Benefits include:

-- Increased network throughput and lower costs through payload reduction of up to 80% due to transparent application layer algorithms -- Easy to deploy -- no new client software required -- A single platform to service all devices including mobile phones and laptops on any network -- Multimedia services optimized for network and device via frame rate control and adaptation -- Operator-configurable service and QoS performance tiers -- New revenue-generating service offerings for operators including personalization, usability aids, navigation toolbars and interstitial content and advertising -- Clear understanding of consumer behavior, traffic and service metrics via analytics dashboard and reporting -- Operator-grade availability and scalability to efficiently service tens of millions of users -- Open, standards-based architecture designed to easily integrate with existing network infrastructure

Laptop traffic is becoming an increasingly important element of our operators' mobile internet initiatives, comments Randy Cavaiani, vice president, marketing for Novarra. The Vision platform is an open architecture core network element that is unique in its ability to enable the full mobile internet across the operators' entire device portfolio, from mass market devices to smartphones to laptops. By servicing all mobile internet traffic via Novarra, operators can enhance performance, enable new services, extend branding, and create new advertising opportunities.

Novarra, the Internet Mobility Company, provides a high performance mobile internet product suite for operators and content providers to create new web-based services and revenue streams. Novarra's patented architecture for web content transformation and network optimization is open standards-based and designed for mass-market, high volume mobile consumer deployments. The solution delivers a high quality mobile user experience for services including full rich web, search, widgets, premium portals, personalization, video and advertising as well as support for mobile sites. Global, commercial deployments over 7 years on both 2.5G and 3G networks have proven consumer satisfaction, uptake and increased data services revenues.

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