LONDON, April 12, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- NTT Europe, an ICT solutions partner and European subsidiary of NTT Communications, today launches its new Smart Media Delivery services, becoming Europe's first managed-hosting provider to offer a complete solution for the optimisation, delivery and monetisation of multi-platform audio and video content.

Backed by NTT Europe's extensive experience in the delivery of high-quality live and on-demand content for major organisations such as UEFA, Smart Media Delivery fulfils the end-to-end needs of organisations looking to exploit the growing demand for rich media.

NTT Europe's Smart Media Delivery ( proposition, which is based on Flumotion's multi-format streaming technology, offers a complete suite of tools for each stage of the online media value chain, from signal acquisition for live events, media encoding and multi-format transcoding, live and on-demand streaming and hosting to advertising integration, reporting, pay-per view billing and traffic data analysis.

Flumotion's WebTV ( .html) technology enables Smart Media Delivery customers to manage the publication, distribution and syndication of video content, including both advertising and subscription-based monetisation. The package includes an interactive and highly customizable stand-alone player for a truly enhanced viewing experience.

Commenting on the new service, Sion Wynn Jones, product manager at NTT Europe said: Businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes are keen to realise the value of their online audio and video, be it live streaming of major sports events, embedding advertising into video or offering paid-for audio content. Our new Smart Media Delivery services help businesses unlock this value by the simplest means possible.

NTT Europe's Smart Media Delivery services runs across NTT Communications' Tier 1 IP network backbone, which ensures optimal multimedia delivery to all viewers. Integrated with award-winning streaming technology from Flumotion, customers benefit from the simplicity of a single solution for multiple tasks that conventionally require a number of separate providers and systems.

COPE, one of Spain's biggest national radio stations, moved from multiple providers to NTT Europe and has been using a prelaunch version of the services to integrate its delivery of audio and TV content to internet and mobile audiences. Francisco Portela, Group Director of Internet at COPE, said: We value the ability of NTT Europe to offer a seamlessly integrated, complete solution backed up by strong performance and versatility. NTT Europe has made offering our content via the internet and mobile platforms much simpler than before, unifying what used to demand five separate processes into just one.

Wynn Jones of NTT Europe adds: Our new proposition and value-adding services offer industry-leading depth and breadth to get content to market quickly. Availability and reliability are key factors with online media, especially when there is only one chance to deliver a live experience. This is why providers rely on NTT Europe's robust platforms, trusted global networks and pedigree for delivering on promises.

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Flumotion was awarded the 'Best Streaming Innovation' award for its multi-format streaming technology. European Readers Choice Awards 2009 ( s-Best-Streaming-Innovation-award-for-simplifying-companies-access-to-streami ng)

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