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- Fuelled by a multi-lingual publishing infrastructure, OleOle.com provides football fans with a web platform that enables them to reshape online football coverage

OleOle today launched OleOle.com, a global vertical media platform that allows football (soccer) fans to create conversations and drive discussions around professional football in a whole new way. Football is the world's largest sport with more than one billion fans, and OleOle is the first web platform to provide them with a comprehensive, custom football experience regardless of their location. A casual fan or passionate supporter of any team can create their own personalised football experience -- find the latest scores and information at a glance, dive into discussions, or take an active part in the future of media and become a fan journalist.

The groundbreaking OleOle Football Platform is one of the first and only multi-lingual social media websites built around a single topic. Social media enables devoted fans to continue their passionate discussions online and create conversations, share experiences and opinions, and publish news about the sport and its teams and players, managers and officials.

Unlike any traditional media publication or website, all the content on OleOle is created, rated, moderated and edited entirely by users. And unlike any other football website, the OleOle Football Platform strives to cover the entire sport -- there is a separate fan-driven section for every professional team, league and player in the world -- more than 170 competitions, 300 leagues, 208 national teams and football federations, 5,580 clubs, and 57,500 players. The look and feel of each section on OleOle can be styled by the fans; page widgets can be added, configured and moved; and the fans can choose which content gets featured and displayed based on votes.

The Platform incorporates some of today's most popular social media technologies and enables members to contribute and manage multi-media content including blogs, videos, photos, podcasts, history, desktop wallpapers, and stats. Thanks to the underlying social community features, fans and rivals can debate about the posted articles, news, scores, league tables, player transfers, and upcoming matches. OleOle's integrated blogging system makes it possible for users to become reporters and commentators for their favourite teams and players. Blog posts, like all user-contributed content, get published to each relevant section on the site for fans to find quickly and easily.

"We are extremely excited about today's launch -- the feedback on the latest beta version has been tremendously positive," said Doug Knittle, the founder and chief executive officer of OleOle. "OleOle is the only place online where football fans can unleash their passion for every team and player they follow -- in one place, and in their language. Our blog system is the core of the site and has already attracted some of the sport's most prominent bloggers -- who have shut down their offsite blogs and moved everything over to OleOle. They see how the structure of our site gives them the freedom to continue writing what they want, when they want -- but also gives them the promise of significantly increased readership and more recognition for their passion."

The OleOle platform blends many social media functions together around each topical section so that fans can find information quickly and join in the discussion. Functions include:

-- Customisable team, player, league sections composed of widgets that fans can configure, style and move. -- Integrated multi-lingual blogs for publishing posts directly to the relevant sections of the platform. -- Live Scores keep fans updated in real time online about matches they might not be able to see; they can check the results of past games, and see future schedules. -- A user-generated rich media Football Encyclopedia leverages MediaWiki technology and provides historians with a place to write about their teams' history, record statistics and document match records. -- Throw-Ins - news articles or media found outside of OleOle that fans can submit, vote on and discuss. The most popular Throw-Ins rise to the front page. -- Fantasy Football games include five leagues, and an exclusive European Super-League lets fans assemble their dream teams and test their mettle as a team manager. -- Photo, video, and desktop wallpaper galleries contain media that fans created and want to share.

A complete list of features and functions can be found online at: http://www.oleole.com/features

About OleOle

OleOle (www.oleole.com) is the worldwide leading social media site for football fans. Fans around the world need a site that enables connections that are independent of the traditional media, leagues, clubs or organizations who deliver their own content. OleOle's multi-lingual site enables football fans to connect with each other in an environment that has 100% fan-driven content - groups, blogs, articles, news, podcasts, photos, videos, and history. With access to today's leading social media technologies, football supporters can write, contribute, share, rate and vote on multimedia content in 10 languages. Founded in 2006, OleOle is a privately-held international company with headquarters in Beverly Hills, California and offices in New Zealand as well as across Europe and South America.

Website: http://www.oleole.com

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