DUBAI, UAE, April 25, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Ageing North African oil, gas and petrochemical infrastructures means that major decisions and investments are required in order to repair, rehabilitate and extend the working life of existing facilities.

Asset integrity is therefore increasingly important for the region's industry in order to improve operations and profitability. Implementing a life-cycle asset integrity management programme allows maintaining assets in a fit-for-service condition, while also extending the asset life-cycle in the most reliable, safe and cost-effective manner.

As mentioned by Dominic Paisley, Integrity Management General Manager at GUPCO Egypt, the oil and gas industries have been important contributors to the economies in the Middle East and North Africa region for over 100 years and will continue to be so, far into the future. He added, much of the infrastructure we operate today in the region is already over 30 years old and it will be required to support future production and growth. It is vitally important that we operate safely and reliably today while preserving that valuable infrastructure for the future.

IQPC's Asset Integrity Management - Egypt will provide practical knowledge on the systems and strategies needed to implement an efficient Asset Integrity Management programme. Held in Cairo, Egypt from the 13 to 16 June 2010, the sixth event in IQPC's successful annual series will bring together international key speakers to share best-practice implementations of Asset Integrity Management.

Egypt is characterised as one of the largest oil and gas infrastructures in the continent of Africa. Asset Integrity Management - Egypt is therefore the region's ultimate networking platform for the oil and gas industry and an opportunity to exchange best-practices and practical solutions that can be implemented to extend the asset life-cycle and enhance safety and reliability.

The conference will be chaired by Dominic Paisley, Integrity Management General Manager at GUPCO and Abdulaziz O. Al-Ajaji, ID/OID/Inspection Engineering Unit at Saudi Aramco. Attendees will benefit from four days of industry-leading presentations, interactive panel sessions and exclusive workshops from industry experts including: GUPCO, Khalda Petroleum, Saudi Aramco, RASHPETCO, RASCO, LINSCAN, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, ROSEN Integrity Solutions, ADCO, PSN World, Pico International, ELNG, GL Noble Denton, T.D.Williamson, Inspecta International, Quest Integrity Group and Stork Technical Services.

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