KARMIEL, Israel, May 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Opgal Optronics Industries, a leading global manufacturer of innovative thermal and active-imaging solutions for security and safety applications, today announced the launch of EyeSec(TM) 15-100 mm Continuous Zoom thermal-imaging camera that behaves like any standard security/CCTV camera.

An industry first, Opgal's EyeSec 15-100 mm Continuous Zoom is a 24/7 outdoor security thermal camera for observing and monitoring sensitive sites. The camera presents a clear and crisp thermal video image in total darkness, light fog or smoke, allowing unmatched performance working with video analytics and video motion detection (VMD) providing superior detection capabilities. Featuring continuous zoom and autofocus, EyeSec Continuous Zoom offers a wide operating range providing best situational awareness in a variety of security applications.

"This unique thermal-imaging camera gives control-room operators the same feel and ease of use as with a standard CCTV - in other words, continuous zoom auto-focus with thermal capabilities for night vision," said Yair M. Sakov, Vice President, Security Business Unit "In fact, by translating day-imaging capabilities into night-vision features, we have redefined the way thermal imaging is perceived." he adds. "In the not so distant past, continuous-zoom capabilities were only available in expensive cooled thermal cameras. Thanks to Opgal's expertise in this field, customers can now benefit from a very affordable uncooled camera for optimum night vision for any security application."

"We are very excited to be able to market this new and innovative thermal camera to our current and potential clients," said Nick Grange, Technical Director, C3 Shared Services, Opgal's business partner in South Africa. "For the last four years, we have been successfully providing turnkey solutions with Opgal's thermal cameras and intelligent video analytics as part of our security offering," adds Cowley. "With EyeSec Continuous Zoom, we now can offer superb performance with continuous digital and optical zoom in an affordable package."

Based on Opgal's highly sensitive uncooled microbolometer engines, EyeSec offers night and day, civilian and surveillance for sites and locations such as nuclear plants, petrochemical installations, warehouses, national borders, airports, railroads, pipelines, oil terminals, electrical power-plants, communication transmitters and prisons. Different optic types with a range of focal lengths fit virtually any operational need, from long distance narrow to short distance wide field of vision.

Opgal's new EyeSec Continuous Zoom thermal camera will be presented at IFSEC Annual Security Event, NEC Birmingham, UK 16-19 May.