PARIS, November 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (OCD) today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind 24-7 central command center in Strasbourg, France, that continuously tracks the condition of clinical laboratory instrument performance. The Remote Monitoring Center in Strasbourg provides unique predictive monitoring services to laboratories throughout Europe and the Asia-Pacific region by continuously detecting and tracking potential instrument problems up to 30 days in advance, before they interrupt the ability of the lab to deliver quality test results.

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The Remote Monitoring Center in Strasbourg enables us to connect customers with multi-lingual technical support specialists and engineers, 24 hours a day, before a potential problem arises, said Troy Taylor, Vice President, Worldwide Customer Technical Service, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics. The Remote Monitoring Centers advance instrument servicing from the old 'break-fix' model to a new 'predict and maintain' model to help laboratories deliver timely and accurate results to benefit patients' lives.

With laboratories facing skilled labor shortages, budget reductions and increasing test volumes, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics identified an unmet need for new technologies that reduce the potential for instrument failures and workflow interruptions.

The Remote Monitoring Centers use proprietary e-Connectivity(TM) Technology to continuously track a steady stream of data sent by the instrument on its performance. This state-of-the-art, secure, two-way broadband Internet connection allows OCD technical support specialists and engineers to perform remote system analysis, as well as monitor, review and upgrade system configuration, data and performance information. Predictive alerts generated by this stream of data from instruments helps technical support specialists and engineers identify specific service needs before they cause an interruption in laboratory operations. This remote diagnostic capability also allows OCD technical support specialists and engineers to diagnose known issues remotely and, when required, schedule service at a customer's convenience, allowing laboratories to optimize instrument uptime.

The new Strasbourg Remote Monitoring Center supports 18 countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Australia, India, Japan, Singapore, Korea and Thailand. The first Remote Monitoring Center in Rochester, New York, was launched in July 2009 and focuses on the needs of North American laboratories.

About the Strasbourg Remote Monitoring Center

The Strasbourg Remote Monitoring Center is housed in Ortho Clinical Diagnostics' European Support Center, which has been operating in the Strasbourg area for almost two decades. Approximately 150 people are currently employed at the European Support Center, with a multicultural workforce comprised of 13 nationalities. Additionally, more than half of service department employees are fluent in more than three languages, ensuring that Ortho Clinical Diagnostics caters to the needs of international customers.

About e-Connectivity(TM)

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics' e-Connectivity(TM) Interactive System Management feature provides a secure, two-way connection between VITROS(R) Systems and the highly skilled technical support team at the Remote Monitoring Center. Technical support specialists and engineers are able to perform remote system analysis, as well as monitor, review and upgrade system configuration, data and performance information. Features provided by e-Connectivity(TM) Technology include:

- Automatic two-way data exchange provides the ability to automatically send and receive data securely from the technical support team at the Remote Monitoring Center. - Assay and equipment predictive alerts are automatically sent to the technical support team when specific events or statistical trends have been observed. - Remote diagnostic operation allows the technical support team to access the instrument remotely, with oversight from the instrument operator, so that technical challenges can be solved more efficiently. - System upgrades can be performed so the VITROS(R) Systems are running as efficiently as possible with the newest available technology.

e-Connectivity(TM) Technology is available to customers using VITROS(R) Systems, including: the VITROS(R) 5600 Integrated System, the VITROS(R) 3600 Immunodiagnostic System, the VITROS(R) 5,1 Chemistry System and the VITROS(R) ECi/ECiQ Immunodiagnostic System.

Data exchanged via e-Connectivity(TM) Technology is securely encrypted, protecting valuable and confidential patient information. e-Connnectivity(TM) Technology operates on a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN), which means data is not exposed directly to the Internet.

The VPN analyzer has a non-routable, pre-assigned IP address that can only communicate with Ortho Clinical Diagnostics servers. The customer also retains full control of the data, as Ortho Clinical Diagnostics cannot access the customer's network through the connection.

About Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

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