PARIS, January 31 /PRNewswire/ -- On 24 January, in the course of an extraordinary show, Passionata unveiled its new image and the highly glamorous advertising campaign devised by David LaChapelle. A hot spectacle presented by Alain Prost, General Director of Chantelle's Group, and Adeline Desjonqueres, International Director of Passionata's brand : four Crazy Horse mythical scenes and an original creation staging the latest Passionata Lingerie sets worn by gorgeous creatures endowed with stupendous figures and knowing smiles...

To launch this new commercial and emphasize its novel positioning and deliciously sexy image, there was but one venue which was proper and fitting for Passionata: The world-renowned Crazy Horse! In this recently reopened temple of beauty and sensuality padded with purple velvet, seven girls bearing bewitching names, with scarlet lips, heavy eye make-up and wearing brightly-coloured wigs performed highly suggestive striptease routines, blending humour and seduction... An intoxicating spectacle offered to VIPs, journalists and a few hand-picked clients.

In five electrifying and minutely choreographed acts, each preceded by an interval, the dancers, sculpted by a myriad of Crazy Horse lights, echoed the game of seduction that Passionata lingerie inevitably entices.

Find out details of these five exceptional routines and the pictures of the show here (

Exclusive! The brand new Passionata TV commercial

At the end of the 15-minute show, guests were treated to a sneak preview of the new Passionata advert devised by David LaChapelle featuring Brazilian top model Isabeli Fontana, as the heroine of a modern and flamboyant fairy tale.

Passionata invited Europe's most influential bloggers

Passionata invited Europe's most influential bloggers to the event.

Some sixty of them came especially from all over France, Germany, Spain, Italy and even the UK and were offered the privilege of attending the Passionata show.

These << modern bloggers >> who were selected because of their recognized influence on the web were invited to relay the event on their blog on the evening of January 24th.

Caterina from <>.

As soon as the show started, all the fashionista's began the Passionata buzz to hype the release of David LaChapelle's commercial coming to movie theatres and television next April!

The excitement of the Passionata buzz, Passion Maker, is coming to a screen near you!

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Passionata has turned to Vanksen|Culture-Buzz ( agency for the launch of the viral minisite available in six languages, to announce the extraordinary show organised for the brand by the Crazy Horse. Romantic goodies (a widget, photos, sounds, wallpapers, a banner to adopt etc) are available there.


Passionata, Passion Maker: let every day be love at first sight

Passionata or the art of asserting a woman's femininity. Passionata was born at the end of the 80's when, after years of wearing << sensible >> lingerie and unisex clothes, women wished to reassert their femininity...For them, Passionata made lingerie affordable and wearable on a daily basis by modernizing fabrics and materials.

A brand with an exceptional expertise. As part of the Chantelle Group, a French family-owned entreprise since 1876, Passionata can rely on the savoir-faire and the expertise of this century-old corsetry maker.

Passionata, with passion come love and danger. Emphasizing sensual curves, making hearts beat wildly and kindling joie de vivre : Passionata ignites passion, unlocks the unexpected making everyday, an extraordinary day for all our heroines. Passionata's pink logo expresses the ambition of Passion Maker <> : a tiny pink heart that beats (very strongly !), a lucky charm or a mascot affixed on each label. Like a talisman to be worn close, very close to one's heart...