LONDON, December 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the DH announcement to pilot the availability of oral contraception through Patient Group Directions (PGD), David Pruce, Director of Practice and Quality Improvement at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, said:

"The Society supports the Department of Health proposal to pilot supply of the contraceptive pill through PGD, which are written instructions for the supply or administration of medicines to groups of patients without an individualised doctor's prescription."

"Pharmacists are experts in medicines and have a track record of supplying medicines such as emergency hormonal oral contraception via Patient Group Directions and also over-the- counter. As such, they have clinical skills and expertise that will help them provide information and advice to women to ensure the appropriate use of oral contraception."

"Supply of oral contraception via PGDs would widen and improve patient choice, access and convenience."

"The necessary health checks such as blood pressure testing and healthy lifestyle checks are already a part of pharmacist's extended role."

"The Society looks forward to working with the Department of Health to ensure that the appropriate standards and training is in place to ensure pharmacists can safely provide this service."

For media enquiries please contact the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain's Public Relations Unit +44(0)20-7572-2653