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PIERS Global Intelligence Solutions, a Commonwealth Business Media company and the leading provider of U.S. trade data, has expanded its international import-export database resources to include current and historical data on Argentina's overland, water- and airborne cross-border commerce with the rest of the world.

"This is an important addition to our Latin American database, which now includes the top seven of the 12 South American national economies -- Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador -- as well as U.S.-NAFTA partner Mexico," explains Wael Jarous, vice president of PIERS Commercial Sales.

"At PIERS, we always intend to enlarge our commercial intelligence assets," continues Jarous. "It takes time because we want to ensure that our agents abroad have the access to authoritative sources -- typically Customs authorities - and can provide data that meets the same industry-leading standards of accuracy and comprehensiveness set by our U.S. import-export trade database."

The PIERS Argentine data will yield the "who, what, when and where" of import-export transactions, Jarous says, including names of shippers & consignees, points of origin and destination, commodity descriptions, and actual freight and goods values. PIERS offers online access to its international database by subscription, or as custom datasets for one-time purchase. Data may also be delivered via CD or in print report formats.

A key player in global commerce, Argentina is one of the five full members (the others are Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela) of MERCOSUR, South America's largest and the world's fourth largest trading block after the European Union (EU), North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN).

According to U.S. State Dept. figures, Argentina exports in 2007 amounted to US$55.4 million, with MERCOSUR (22%), the EU (18%) and NAFTA (11%) the top markets. Imports in 2007 totalled US$44.8 billion, with MERCOSUR partners (36%), EU (17%) and NAFTA (16%) the top sources -- with the U.S. accounting for approximately 13% of Argentine imports. Two-way trade in goods between the U.S. and Argentina neared US$9 billion in 2006, while two-way trade in services exceeded US$3.2 billion according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. The Argentine economy, in strong resurgence since 2003, is expected to continue to perform well in 2008 with GDP growth projected at 6.9%, according to the Argentine Central Bank's consensus survey.

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