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- Pinnacle Begins Biodiesel Production in Arkansas

Greenline Industries, a Bay Area based manufacturer of biodiesel production equipment, announced today that Pinnacle Biofuels, Inc. has begun producing biodiesel using Greenline Industries' processing system. After extensive research, Pinnacle Biofuels chose Greenline Industries because of its fully-automated, modular, and waterless technology.

Pinnacle likes the fact that the Greenline waterless system produces biodiesel that significantly exceeds ASTM D6751 quality specifications with zero contaminated water output. Fuel produced is ultra dry and has a longer shelf life due to less oxidation and no exposure to water.

"Greenline Industries waterless technology was the clear choice for our plant in Arkansas," said Steve Bolin, President of Pinnacle Biofuels. "Their team of experts provided a well designed system and helped us integrate it into the entire process. We especially like the modularity of the system for future expandability."

The plant, located in Crossett, Ark. began production in May with a capacity of 10 million gallons of B100 (100% biodiesel) a year. With the flexibility of the Greenline system, Pinnacle can utilize a variety of feedstocks including soybean oil and chicken fat, which are available in Arkansas. Pinnacle utilized the expertise and experience of Greenline consultants, to determine the best system, method and equipment to meet their production, quality and environmental goals.

"We are very pleased to partner with Pinnacle Biofuels on their successful plant opening in Arkansas," said John Kinney, CEO of Greenline Industries. "Their team of owners is outstanding. Steve Bolin pioneered this plant with his own cash. He is representative of a new breed of American energy entrepreneurs who will lead the US Green revolution without government handouts and in spite of the current financing environment."

Along with Greenline Industries expertise, Pinnacle has integrated the processing system with storage, trucking and rail loading systems as well as pre-processing. The efficient facility design imparts a favorable cost structure for customers and results in a high quality, environmentally sound product.

About Pinnacle Biofuels, Inc.:

Pinnacle Biofuels, Inc. is dedicated to bringing new alternative fuels to the retail market through the production and sale of America's newest renewable energy -- biodiesel. Located in the Crossett Industrial Park, Pinnacle Biofuels, Inc. was organized by residents of agricultural-based Southeast Arkansas who saw the immediate and impending need to reduce production of greenhouse gases and dependency on foreign oil. The shareholders determined that entry into the biofuels market, specifically biodiesel, would improve the local economy at the same time as contributing to energy independence and a cleaner environment.

About Greenline Industries:

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