HAMBURG, Germany, March 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Hamburg-based browser games developer and publisher Playa Games GmbH ( announces the launch of the open beta of its new browser game "BloodGame", a role-playing game featuring a sinister vampire setting. According to CEO Hannes Beuck, "BloodGame" surpasses previous browser games with its revolutionary graphics quality and twisting story. With the launch of "Blood Game", the company expects to double the number of currently 10 million players to 20 million in the coming months.

In the last financial year, Playa Games reported a growth in players and revenue of 1,000%. "The continuing rapid growth of the number of players in our industry guarantees lasting success," said Beuck. "However, the type of user also plays a role. We focus on markets with players who are loyal to high-quality browser games and willing to reward quality with in-game purchases. Not just the quantity but also the quality of the gaming community is relevant for the future of the games industry."

The developer of milestone browser games "Shakes & Fidget" and "SoccerStar" aims to take browser games to a higher level with every new game. For Playa Games the key to its success comes from consistently leveraging its team know-how efficiently. "We have a highly experienced and motivated development team. Their high commitment makes it possible to meet our quality demands and to develop next-generation browser games," said Beuck. The high level of quality is not limited to the graphics; the German BloodGame version also features character speech by the German voice artists for famous Hollywood films such as "The King's Speech", "Mission Impossible 1-3" and "Spiderman 1-3".

Playa Games, the shooting star in the browser game industry, is also happy to announce that Thorsten Rohmann has joined the management team in the role of COO. Thomas was a partner at Steinberg, Schumann & Collegen. He is not only an experienced financial expert but also a veteran of the gaming industry who won the German Developer Award for the computer game "Legend - Hand of God" in 2007.

Playa Games ( has been recognized for being the fastest growing developer of successful browser games in 2010 by Software-Initiative Deutschland (SID). The role-playing game "Shakes & Fidget" and the soccer game "SoccerStar" are regarded as milestones in the browser gaming sector. According to the awarding body SID, Playa Games, managed by CEO Hannes Beuck, is characterized by the outstanding quality of its browser games thanks to the staff's experience in the PC retail games sector: "This know-how gives the company a significant quality advantage over other browser games developers" - (quote from the speech given by Software-Initiative Deutschland while awarding the Wachstumspreis 2010).

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