SALZBURG, Austria, April 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Do children's house shoes fit properly? This question was the subject of a study conducted on pre-school and elementary school children by an Austrian research team, commissioned by the Ministry for Health. The results: The smallest kids have the worst fitting shoes.

Properly fitting shoes have an extra 12-17 mm of 'wiggle room'. The research team proved in a previous study that shoe sizes are frequently misleading, so the next step was to measure the feet and house shoe sizes of 1,258 children. Measurements showed that 88% of the preschoolers tested wore too-short house shoes. Some 25% had shoes of 3 or more sizes too small, and a few kids even had house shoes up to five sizes smaller than needed.

There are 2 reasons for this:

First, most children's shoe sizes are misleading. 98.7% of the house shoes tested were shorter than indicated, by up to 6 sizes: A shoe labeled 26 with the inside length of a size 20.

Second, many parents aren't aware of the importance of properly fitting house shoes. While 90% of parents surveyed consider the fit of street shoes to be important, only 62% feel the same about house shoes. A serious mistake: Because many kids spend a lot more time in house shoes than in street shoes, and too-small house shoes damage kids' feet.

The researchers recommend checking the fit of house shoes regularly, measuring both the feet and the inside shoe length, using either a cardboard template or with the innovative measuring tool developed by the research team: the plus12. This clever device automatically adds the extra 12 mm needed for a healthy fit.


Further information: Dr. Wieland Kinz, Salzburg, Austria, +43-664-264-34-50

Further information: Dr. Wieland Kinz, Salzburg, Austria, +43-664-264-34-50,