DRESDEN, Germany, April 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Germany is a hotbed for innovative technologies and a prime location for microelectronics, a fact confirmed by Dresden's selection as host of the Printed Electronics Europe 2009 conference. The region surrounding the city boasts over 43,500 employees in approximately 1,200 companies in this industry. Companies and research institutes involved in the development of printed electronics, the next generation of technology, will gather April 7-8 at this year's conference in Dresden.

Printed electronics is a quickly growing field. According to conference organizer and market research firm IDTechEx, the market for printed electronics, including organics, inorganics and composites, is expected to increase dramatically in the near future. Currently a USD 1.92 billion market, some estimates expect this industry to grow thirtyfold over the next ten years, although an exact figure is hard to establish given the current economic climate. Nevertheless, growth in this industry is expected to continue despite the downturn.

Printed electronics is an emerging USD 300 billion market that offers a wide range of potential beyond the traditional organic electronics industry. Printed electronics includes thin film transistor circuits (TFTCs), displays, connectors, power sensors, and actuators. These components have a wide range of applications in fields such as RFID, photovoltaics, medical applications, smart textiles, and flexible organic LEDs. This technology therefore provides a foundation for innovation across a variety of sectors.

Germany is home to Europe's leading electronics market and medical devices market, while it is a global leader in renewable energies. As Europe's strongest economy, the global export leader, and European patent application champion, Germany is a high-tech pioneer, a fact that will likely have a positive effect on the printed electronics sector.

Driven by the high-tech clusters in the so-called Silicon Saxony region, which includes Dresden, Germany is a leader in the development and implementation of printed electronics technology. The first factories are emerging in Germany, including the Plastic Logic plant for flexible displays in Dresden. Germany's expertise in industrial production, printing processes, and chemicals - all essential elements to printed electronics - make it a leading location for investments in this field.

Germany Trade Invest provides a wide range of services for investors. In this sector, Plastic Logic benefitted from these services throughout its entire investment process. Germany Trade Invest will be present at information booth Ndegrees 33 during the two-day conference in Dresden to inform potential investors of Germany's advantages as an investment location for printed electronics.

Germany Trade Invest is the foreign trade and inward investment promotion agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. The organization advises and supports foreign companies seeking to expand into the German market and assists companies established in Germany looking to enter foreign markets. All inquiries are treated confidentially.

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Media Contact: Eva Henkel, Email: eva.henkel@gtai.com, Phone: +49-(0)30-200099-173, Fax: +49-(0)30-200099-111