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The program of the International eSports Conference (ESCONF) taking place in Cologne from May 26th to 27th has been confirmed and addresses students, university students, teachers, parents, politicians and the media this year in addition to eSportsmen and their managers.

Following the introduction of Martin Lorber of Electronic Arts and Frank Sliwka, Vice President European Business Development at Think Services, Simon Wondracek of EGM eSport Gaming Media is going to deliver an overview of eSports and its characteristics in his opening speech. Afterwards Prof. Dr. Jorg Muller-Lietkow, Paderborn University, will subject eSports to critical analysis, and Christian Funk of nGize eSports will talk about his responsibility as a manager of an eSports team. The LARA prize winners and professional players of SK Gaming, Dennis and Daniel Schellhase, will then share their experiences as players. Ibrahim Mazari, spokesman and Jugendschutzbeauftragter (Commissioner for the Protection of Youth) at Turtle Entertainment will tackle the subject of awareness training exemplified by the Eltern-LAN (awareness training on LAN for parents). Stefan Dahn of / Computec Media concludes the series of speeches as he expounds the importance of tournaments and events for eSports and the people behind it.

A series of workshops for eSportsmen and their managers follows the lecture program beginning with Nicolas Gabrysch, partner of the law firm Osborne Clarke. Nicolas Gabrysch is going to deliver a lecture on the pros and cons of specific legal forms with Alexander T. Muller, Managing Director of SK Gaming, supporting him. Dominic Multerer will lead the second workshop presenting popular marketing tools as he gives both an insight into the technical aspects and analyzes their efficiency for eSports.

In the evening ESCONF Reception will be hosted in Germany's very first eSports club house of the Cologne eSports team n!faculty featuring informal networking with snacks and drinks. The participants can review the day and establish and maintain contacts.

On May 27th we will invite delegates from eSports, science, politics, media, associations and the industry to a closed roundtable think-tank discussing the future role of eSports within the society.

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About the International eSports Conference (ESCONF)

The International eSports Conference takes place in 2009 for the sixth time and is the world's most important business and networking platform for eSport and gaming communities. This young industry presents itself in speeches, workshops, meetings and networking events and informs and discusses current and important topics of the eSport market. Whereas speeches address high-school and university students, teachers, parents, politicians and the media, workshops are provided for eSportsmen and their managements. In private meetings, eSport organizations discuss current developments, trends and problems. Further information:

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