COALVILLE, England, December 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Heat loss maps of Britain's towns and cities can be viewed on the Internet at Visitors can search on an area using a name or postcode to view the thermal maps that are colour coded to show the amount of heat lost into the sky at night. This imagery can be viewed along with conventional aerial photography so areas of high heat loss can be identified.

Aerial mapping company Bluesky has captured 2500 square kilometres of thermal data across Britain and expects to survey another 2000 sqkm over the forthcoming winter months. Twenty UK towns and cities, including Derby, Slough and Luton, are currently online and more will be added as the nighttime surveys are completed. Bluesky is offering raw thermal data for sale online so that organisations can create their own colour coded and geo-referenced maps.

To capture the thermal data, Bluesky uses an airborne thermal infrared sensor which is modified version of technology used by the military for night vision. Surveys are typically undertaken in the two hours after dark, on weekdays, during school term time, giving the best view of energy use at peak times.

The thermal maps are just one of number of aerial datasets available through which offers the most up to date aerial photography of England and Wales plus significant parts of Scotland. After selecting a location, visitors are shown an overview image of the chosen area, which they can zoom in or out, or pan around to refine their search before purchasing digital data.

The unique range of mapping, aerial photography and other aerial survey data available for instant download from Bluesky include Ordnance Survey mapping, detailed 3D City Models, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data, Digital Surface and Terrain Models (DSM and DTM) and Colour Infrared (CIR) mapping.


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