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- Leading Provider of Web 2.0 Solutions for Financial Institutions and Gaming Organisations Enhance Technology Lead

Push Technology Ltd today announced the immediate commercial release of Diffusion 2.0, a real-time push engine, enhancing its product portfolio of Web 2.0 solutions.

The new market-leading release enables organisations such as financial institutions, on-line gaming companies, spread betting organisations, travel agents and news feed providers to greatly improve their customers user experience by providing real-time, compelling data in a format that requires no browser add-ins or specialist client implementation.

Specifically, the new release includes:-

Multiple performance enhancements that reduce the need for a large number of servers and associated communication equipment. Compared with traditional methods, customers have noticed enhanced performance whilst reducing server, electricity, cooling and telecomm overheads by 60%.

A unique cascading capability that ensures that regardless of the users browser environment, the best, most compelling experience can be enjoyed.

A "Zero install" functionality ensuring that new users do not have to install add-ins, or interact with pop-up boxes to receive the latest data.

Full Browser independence allowing clients to work in any browser environment including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

An agnostic back-end server that ensures that data services for Flash, Flex, Air, Javascript and Silverlight are all handled in the same manner.

A new object state engine that enables the full state of the application to be maintained without the need for expensive network traffic and server re-loads.

A new bi-directional channel engine enabling true client-server computing facilities to be obtained using standard browser technology.

Sean Bowen, Push Technology CEO explains, "Whilst our solution has been highly successful in providing a compelling experience to our many customers, we listened carefully to market demand, and therefore have enhanced our product set to reduce cost of ownership, increase performance, increase ease of installation and use, and enables more Companies to benefit from the best of Web 2.0. Initial indications from our beta customers tell us that we have met or surpassed all their expectations."

Darren Hudson, Push Technology CTO continues, "The challenge of enabling all of these major product enhancements in an area where standards are still emerging has been one that we relish. We also knew that we needed to have a much richer user experience than that provided by Ajax and XmlHttpRequests. We now believe that we have a solution which is not only highly performant, scalable and easy to use, but which also enables developers to be completely unconcerned about underlying technology - Diffusion is designed to enhance Web 2.0 user experience without Developers having to maintain multiple code bases or development environments."

About Push Technology

Push Technology is a UK based software solutions Company that markets and supports targeted solutions for organisations that need to provide their customers with a real-time, scalable, Web 2.0 experience. Used by many Spread Betting, Gaming, and on-line Gambling organisations, the solution is also applicable to organisations such as Retailers, Financial Institutions, News providers and Travel Companies.

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