LONDON, November 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Not innately thought of for their charitable works, lawyers are often seen as a penny pinching and devious bunch who would bludgeon their own mothers with a cricket bat for a chance to win a free ticket to an all you can eat buffet. Slightly unfair, one might say, as many law firms donate millions to good causes and raise the same amount in billing hours with pro bono work.

The 2007 Rehabilitation Code has also encouraged a more socially aware and caring approach for lawyers who practice claimant personal injury litigation. Lawyers are prompted to actively engage in helping victims of personal injury to seek rehabilitation treatment for their medical, social and psychological injuries.

The Code focuses on treatment from the outset of instruction rather than at settlement. Solicitors have been encouraged by the Code and Pre-Action Protocols to enter into discussions at the earliest possible stage of the claim.

There are some perceived shortfalls of the Code, namely that it is not compulsory. However, what the Code lacks in this regard it compensates for by being durable, leaving the parties to come to an appropriate method of rehabilitation. It is thought that the Code should act as a guide on solicitor behaviour, not enforcing rules but encouraging a cultural change.

Claims Helpline is a Claims Management Company which receives hundreds of enquires each month and refers claims onto its panel of No Win No Fee solicitors. The injuries suffered by its clients vary from minor muscular damage to catastrophic injuries. Many clients are equally concerned with their rehabilitation treatment as they are with their compensation claims. It is important for lawyers and claims managers to best serve their clients by providing adequate means to access rehabilitation treatment.

The law has developed to encourage a more caring approach to client services. The responsibilities of a personal injury solicitors have progressed from providing purely legal expertise to actively engaging with their client and the defence to formulate a method to best serve their clients with their rehabilitation needs. Such moves by the legal hierarchy and the claims management industry will go some way to change the negative perception that some portions of the population have towards lawyers and the profession as a whole.

SOURCE: Claims Helpline

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