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LONDON, August 14 /PRNewswire/ --

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Radiopaq, the innovative brand that brings you thousands of internet radio stations and podcasts from across the globe via, today announces hardware that will pave the way for the future of digital radio. The Radiopaq Rp5 allows you to enjoy internet radio, alongside your favourite analogue and digital stations, without having to sit at your computer. And, most importantly, the sound quality is fantastic.

The unique Radiopaq Rp5 showcases the kind of technology industry experts had predicted would be available no sooner than 2009, and is designed to mirror the innovative internet radio search engine. The Rp5 uses wi-fi to connect you to the site, bringing you all the content - from internet radio stations and podcasts from around the world to news, weather and traffic - at the push of a button. Everything is searchable by name, genre, country or language, and synchronisation between the Rp5 and means that any favourites you save or changes you make on will appear on your Rp5.

The Radiopaq Rp5 also brings you FM radio in superb sound quality. DAB capability offers you a greater choice of local stations and clearer reception, which can be found by name, as well as by region or genre. And if you decide that you'd like to listen to your own playlists via your mp3 player, simply connect to the Rp5 and play your tracks in excellent sound quality.

'We believe that the Radiopaq offering, with its seamless interaction between the website and the hardware, is the future of radio,' says Prash Vadgama, President of Radiopaq. 'It's the simplest way to find and manage all the internet radio content you want, allowing you to choose between FM, DAB and internet radio whether you're at your computer or using your Radiopaq system. Most importantly, the sound is superb.'

The five way speaker system and the combination of digital and analogue processors enhance the audio signal to give a full range of sound. So, anything you're listening to - from hip-hop to classical - sounds completely natural. A headphone socket is included, and a remote control makes this the easiest and most enjoyable experience of radio.

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