TEL AVIV, Israel, July 14 -- RCS Limited (, the world’s
largest international trader of cellular phones, digital cameras and other
portable electronics, has announced its trading data for the first half of 2009
for the global open trading market of cellular phones.

According to the rankings, listed below, Nokia retained the top three spots
with its Smartphones, N95, 5800 and N96 respectively. The Blackberry Bold 9000
took the fourth place, while the Blackberry Javelin Curve 8900 was in sixth
place. These placements for Blackberry Smartphones represent a significant
increase in demand for RIM’s products.

In fifth place was the Apple iPhone. This month, Apple introduced the iPhone
3GS, and as a result, sales of iPhones have increased significantly in
comparison to sales of Blackberry Smartphones.

RCS had a strong sales cycle during the last six months, due in large part to
positive developments in the open market for cellular phones, most notably the
increase in demand for Blackberry Smartphones, said RCS CCO Dina Neeman. Though
Nokia position remains strong, with four of the top ten most popular
Smartphones, we expect to see increased competition in the Smartphone market in
the six months ahead.

Top 10 Traded Stocks 1. Nokia N95 2. Nokia 5800 3. Nokia N96 4. Blackberry Bold
9000 5. Apple iPhone 6. Blackberry Javelin Curve 8900 7. HTC Touch Diamond2 8.
Samsung d780 9. Nokia E66 10. SonyEricssson W580i

In addition to cellular phones, RCS unique trading platform is the hub of
global trade in the open markets of digital cameras, laptops, computers and
computer components and other portable electronics.

About RCS

RCS, a privately held company established in 1995, is the world’s largest
international trader of cellular phones, digital cameras and other portable
electronics. The company’s international sales team maintains strong
connections with over 3,000 manufacturers, operators, distributors and
wholesalers of cellular phones, digital cameras, game consoles, LCDs, portable
media devices and original accessories in 128 countries, enabling it to source
and close deals at the best possible price in the shortest possible time.

The company’s sophisticated website ( offers the
industry’s leading online trading platform, with its continuous selection
of offers, requests and auctions. Thousands of buyers and sellers from around
the world use this online platform daily to close lucrative deals, backed by
RCS’ superb logistics.

With over 35 professional sales agents, and 30 logistics experts, RCS is
unmatched in its trading capabilities. The main offices are in the Isle of Man,
Israel, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands and Australia.

For additional information contact: Bluma Nussbaum T: +972-3-615-9999 ext. 133


For additional information contact: Bluma Nussbaum, T: +972-3-615-9999 ext. 133,